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  1. Is Forest Creek open for public play now?
  2. Am I the only one who read the thread title and puzzled over combining golf with chamber music?
  3. PGA West is expanding greens on all six courses to their original dimensions.
  4. I personally don't think much of #9; add another vote for Talamore if that's the only choice. No. 9 is one of the weaker Nicklaus designs IMO. In my opinion, Talamore is an okay-to-good track, but I'd probably substitute Southern Pines in preference to both of them. Conditioning can be spotty, but it's a fine Ross layout.
  5. In April, consider pairing Mid Pines and Pine Needles on the same day; same comment with Pinehurst 2 or 4 and 8 with the latter course each day in carts. That will allow earlier tee times for the second round of each day. I also really don't think a caddie at Pine Needles is worth the squeeze. Personally, I'd play No. 2 by itself on one day, as it is as difficult a course as there is in the area and it deserves to be thought about over a drink or four after the round is complete. JMO.
  6. Palm Springs area (LQ) for 9 months, then maybe Spain for the other three. Still waiting for COVID to allow me to figure out summers, but I got the 9 months figured out perfectly.
  7. Scottsdale is a suburb of Phoenix, and "depending on the area" the climate is essentially identical. And check out winter climate: La Quinta is warmer than either one, though the differences are minimal. I have no idea where the strip clubs are in either place. I'll grant you we're a bit windier than Phoenix/Scottsdale, though in LQ we get a lot less wind than in Palm Desert or Palm Springs proper. As for "nothing to do," that sounds to me a lot more like Phoenix/Scottsdale, where the residents' idea of culture is pretty much limited to county-western music, while in the CV we g
  8. Better weather in Phoenix and Scottsdale? LOL. Can't argue the demographics, though. We're a seriously old bunch in the CV.
  9. What, exactly, are you looking to achieve with new irons that you're unable to achieve with the ones you're playing now? Until you can answer that question with assuredness, I can't see how you can get the best answer.
  10. Have to disagree with that. If you can afford it, country club membership can be a very cost-effective decision for its recreational and social benefits; it certainly has been for me. But don't expect a dime of the expenditure to come back to you.
  11. Anyone who relies upon "getting one's money back" out of a country club equity membership isn't behaving in a fiscally responsible manner.
  12. Played Pacific Dunes a couple weeks ago. Tee sheet was about 60% full. Other courses were a bit more crowded.
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