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  1. It broke, ergo it was by definition a "bad unit." But I don't think there's anything unique about the construction or materials on the one I bought that made it more susceptible to failure than any other one off the shelf. I drove the cart onto a tee box where the turf was about 1 to 2 inches above the surrounding ground (Greg Norman course, so it's desert), and when the front wheels hit the turf, they broke. You can see an example below of what these tee boxes look like. The material used for that part of the cart is a plastic, probably something like high-density
  2. Sorry you don't buy the truth. I'll refrain from political comments here.
  3. Yep, had this problem repeatedly. And had a problem with the cart refusing to restart unless I disengaged and then re-engaged the battery. Pain in the neck. For reasons discussed below I didn't start a troubleshooting effort with MGI relative to this problem. I'm sorry, but you are just wrong. I had both front wheels break after I tried to move the cart onto a tee box (at the next-to-lowest speed setting), where the tee box grass was about 1.5 inches above the surrounding ground. My opinion is that the MGI is not as robust in construction as is required to navigate my home courses
  4. Just returned an MGI to Costco. Worked OK for a couple weeks, had issues sometimes stopping for no apparent reason, pieces broke off after about 20 uses that wrecked usability. Now looking at manual push carts including ClicGear. Likely will look at augmenting with the Ewheels.
  5. Ordered mine today. Thanks to all the good guys who posted in this thread and made my choice easy!
  6. Stadium is in good shape, though the overseed rye has been slow to germinate. Greens are reasonably quick, or at least they have been when I've played there. Have no idea about the Mountain, unfortunately.
  7. They're not great by any means, but the Palmer and Dye courses are still in the top tier of ClubCorp courses in my opinion. Not, however, at a caliber approaching that of the best public access courses in the Palm Springs area, among which I'd place Classic Club, Shadow Ridge, the Indian Wells Golf Resort courses and Desert Willow Firecliff.
  8. Yeah, the Norman course had a problem with fairway grass encroaching onto the greens. The greens will need to be rebuilt. The Stadium and Nicklaus Tournament courses are in fine shape, though they'll be cart path only for awhile.
  9. Is Forest Creek open for public play now?
  10. Am I the only one who read the thread title and puzzled over combining golf with chamber music?
  11. PGA West is expanding greens on all six courses to their original dimensions.
  12. I personally don't think much of #9; add another vote for Talamore if that's the only choice. No. 9 is one of the weaker Nicklaus designs IMO. In my opinion, Talamore is an okay-to-good track, but I'd probably substitute Southern Pines in preference to both of them. Conditioning can be spotty, but it's a fine Ross layout.
  13. In April, consider pairing Mid Pines and Pine Needles on the same day; same comment with Pinehurst 2 or 4 and 8 with the latter course each day in carts. That will allow earlier tee times for the second round of each day. I also really don't think a caddie at Pine Needles is worth the squeeze. Personally, I'd play No. 2 by itself on one day, as it is as difficult a course as there is in the area and it deserves to be thought about over a drink or four after the round is complete. JMO.
  14. Palm Springs area (LQ) for 9 months, then maybe Spain for the other three. Still waiting for COVID to allow me to figure out summers, but I got the 9 months figured out perfectly.
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