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  1. sorry.. just realized the title says "right thumb".. its my left thumb. thanks
  2. My left thumb hurts in the middle (by the joint) when i hit the ball. Not sure if i injured it or something off with my grip or technique. Doesn't hurt when I'm not playing. I’d say my grip is pretty neutral. Thanks
  3. > @aubie6 said: > I have been through a fitting and it definitely helped me understand the importance of a good set-up. I am a 9 which is the highest level of an upper-core player. When you go through the fitting it is eye opening when you realize how out of balance you can be by just having your feet 2 inches out of your optimal number. It is not cheap but it will most assuredly help you achieve better results. Aubie, as an upper core player, what elements of your swing did change? From what I see, upper core players have weaker grips, more bend at address and less hip rotation at i
  4. Get greedy.. don't settle for par and bogey when you have a good round going..
  5. I'm intrigued by Wright Balance Golf as well.. Anyone get tested and follow tthis?
  6. I really like this guy's content.. https://www.alistairdaviesgolf.com/
  7. Here is a similar drill.. interesting that Nobilo says this is what the pros feel...
  8. Interesting about the hands..one of the problems I fight in my normal swing is my hands moving out towards the ball on the downswing.. heel hits. that's not going to happen when you are balancing on your right foot on your toe. Another feel it really promotes in hitting into a firm left side, which again you have to do or lose your balance.
  9. thats how it feels.. like just my arms are moving and I really hit into a left leg.. Anyone teach this method or have I just been doing too much?
  10. Not sure.. my big miss is usually a push block right, feel like I'm late with the club head. then the adjust is to overcook and pull hook... With this drill i feel like I can go after it pretty hard and the face squares nicely...
  11. Pretty much stock distance with a baby draw.. I know, I should just play like this but I'm trying to incorporate the feel into my golf swing. He talks about posture and spine angle but my big takeaway is feeling more compact, armsy and hitting into my right side. I think maybe my hips open up to soon on my normal swing? Welcome comments..
  12. [quote name='JamesBurg' timestamp='1408069358' post='9937867'] [quote name='DJslice4' timestamp='1408064522' post='9937143'] [quote name='JamesBurg' timestamp='1408057262' post='9936335'] Closer to being the worst instruction book ever, IMO. [/quote]No major offense here, and I'm fairly natural on Peter Kostis and have not seen the book, but why do you only come out of the wood work when golf books are brought up, and you seem to either toot your own horn or hate on the rest. Guess I'm just confused why this is worth your while. Carry on….. [/quote] "hate on the rest" ??? I believe t
  13. ..The Inside Path to Better Golf" by Peter Kostis Opinions?
  14. So why does golf have to grow anyway? It always will be an elite sport... extremely difficult, expensive and time consuming. Its big appeal is it is one of the few sports that people can play for a lifetime.. great for overage, ex-jocks.. but its also a sport you don't have to be a great athlete to be good at.. it just requires good technique. I do think the equipment has become a joke.. companies releasing products twice a year. Drivers too long for pros to hit available retail just because they can get bigger numbers from Iron Byron. To me, it was a cooler sport when everyone played bla
  15. Okay.. let me try this another why.. if the hands return on plane, they need to be leading the clubhead or the club will bottom out early. If the hands return higher (or further away from the body, the clubhead can lead or be in line with the hands. Just to clarify, when I say "plane" I mean the plane the clubshaft is on when soled properly.
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