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  1. If I shoot the flag three times in succession is it normal to get three different readings. Only a yard or so but different nonetheless. Range finder in question is a Bushnell hybrid. Don't remember my old leupold doing that.
  2. As a volunteer at Shop Rite classic I tend to note what ball each player is playing. Unless they have Taylor made, callaway, or volvik on there bag, 90% are playing Pro v balls. Presumably they could play any ball but choose titleist.
  3. > @Albatross_seeker said: > I heard from inside Titleist, they are switching the characteristics so the ProV1 will be the primary choice, the Pro V will go and the AVX will stay. There is evidence that they are doing this. > > > > As for being the best ball? > > > > There are so many balls to play that are high quality. Pro V is #1 in US because Titleist sponsors so many fledgling pros at the beginning of their careers. > > > > That is also changing. > > > > Loyalties change and the ROW does not have th
  4. I would say 99% of all slow players are not self aware. The others are aware but don't care. All talk concerning faster play assumes they know or care. Neither of which is true.
  5. If they were easy to get I would play PRO V1 #1's excusively. (I know you can order them) I save them for important rounds/tournaments. Why anyone would play a #5 ball that clearly wants to make a 5 is beyond me. Don't get me started on 6,7, or 8s.
  6. So I'm not clear on something. Are we getting a new iron to replace the CF16?
  7. This. Works perfectly. Five or six markers, two or three divot tools and easy to pull out of the bag.
  8. Thanks for the replies. Unfortunately I can't buy 2 sets of Oakley's so trying to combine the Golf Sunglasses with the Daily which is mostly just when I'm driving. Think I'll go check out the dark Golf lenses. Thanks again.
  9. Looking at getting the Flak 2.0 XL with the Prizm Golf lenses. Curious how these are when wearing around for daily use. Any issues? Thoughts please.
  10. Draw cards if you know how many are showing up. Just pull as many as you need. Aces. Kings. On down as far as necessary. Group by card.
  11. Thanks. Looks like I will run up to Toms river.
  12. Would love to buy some 565's or 765's but..... Anybody know of any golf courses or stores that stock Srixon in South Jersey? Closest place I've found is in Limerick PA 2 hours away. Thanks for any help.
  13. OK I'll bite. Why do you want to know?
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