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  1. I think a more forgiving driver/longest club is more important than forgiving irons. If you have fairly decent swing mechanics then you will probably have success with different iron designs (player, GI, SGI) as long as the shaft profile is correct for the individual.
  2. I hope that y’all enjoy your time here!!
  3. San Diego has some great eateries...just pick your cuisine (American, Ethnic, fast, etc.). Little Italy and Coronado are great strolling areas for food and ambiance. The gas lamp is fun too but pre-pandemic it was more of a place you’d go for a late night bar crawl. As mentioned in a prior post, if you like hiking then Torrey Pines State Park is nearby and it’s hard to miss with the San Diego Zoo or Balboa Gardens.
  4. I just picked up a set of BeCu Eye2+ irons (2-SW) and a Eye2+ LW @57*. In addition to my 46* PW, I carry a 52*/58* setup. With the weaker iron/PW lofts of the Eye2+ irons, I feel that the 53*/57* Eye2+ SW/LW combo should provide enough versatility to fill the necessary gaps.
  5. @lefthack and @Mudguard I believe that y’all are both right. On one side, playing handicapped games makes the game superficially competitive which can be fun and entertaining between players of different playing abilities. But on the other hand, playing handicapped games brings out cheats and sandbaggers when there’s something, aside from pride, at stake...at least from my experience. One such experience was a few years ago when I played in a league at a local course. At the league’s season-ending 18 hole tourney, more than a handful of “14+ handicap” players showed up and posted 80 or be
  6. Apologies if this unpopular equipment opinion is duplicative since I didn’t read through 12 pages of prior posts. Contrary to popular WrX Equipment Mythology...most avid golfers, excluding elite amateurs and/or professionals, will not wear out the grooves on their wedges within a year or more from regular play/practice. This is a (more) recent big data (ie, OEM administered launch monitor) endorsement to move product.
  7. Before a booming secondhand golf market, thanks to online commerce, the knockoff game was real! No judgement at all! I remember when Pal Joey (Ping), King Snake (Cobra), Big Bruiser (Callaway), etc. were the norms for many value-conscious players. Now, you can spend the same money, or less, for a used but solid set of OEM clubs.
  8. My first “real” set of irons were the Ram FX Pros. Bought them around 96-97’ when I was in high school. Still have them at my parents’ house. And yes...I still have a fresh sleeve of Maxfli Revolution 90 balls from the Fred Couple days with the irons.
  9. Bag is still all class... I’m not usually sold on the latest and greatest in golf equipment but that Sim2 driver is mighty appealing.
  10. Just a suggestion... I hope you find something (reasonable) that works for you.
  11. My swing tops out around 105mph and I too have a relatively smooth transition (middle aged midsections are good for something ). Have you considered trying a stiff flex shaft in the 70-76g weight range that’s tipped?
  12. I started playing during the summer of 95’ when I was 13. My dream bag from that era would’ve included: Driver: Great Big Bertha Fairways: Big Bertha Warbird 3 and 5 Irons: Titleist DCI Black Triangle 3-PW or Ping Beryllium Copper Eye2 Wedges: Cleveland BeCu Reg 588 56* and 60* Putter: BeCu Ping Zing Ball: Titleist Professional 90
  13. I had 981s when they came out way back when. They were great clubs then and I’m sure, with the proper shafts, they are solid today. They came in a traditional lofted head and a 981SL version with stronger lofts. Honestly, the 981s were a great tweener club for low-mid handicap players. No bells and whistles and no gimmicks. Kari Webb won a bunch of tourneys with them.
  14. Are the TTDG R400 or S200 shafts an option? They’re both between R300 and S300 shaft profiles. You might have to do some searching but i would imagine that you could find sets for sale.
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