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  1. Those irons share similarities to the old Lynx Liberty irons from way back. I’m sure they’re solid though.
  2. @NCLancer, that’s an awesome sketch! Thanks for sharing
  3. Welcome back to the game! Your bag is more than solid enough to navigate and be successful in your PAT endeavors. Those MP64s/MP4s will ALWAYS be appropriate! Be safe and hit’em well!!
  4. I might be in the minority but I enjoy watching collegiate golf. Watching Goff from UK implode and blow a 6 shot lead on 17 was painful. I (almost) wouldn’t wish that kind of meltdown on my worst enemy. How often do you hear of the highest level of D1 NCAA golfers hitting the wrong ball then imploding on the very next hole? That was hard to watch.
  5. I’ll second LeoLeo99’s sentiment..God bless him!! I actually don’t have much to offer in terms of advice other than finding something lofted more like a fairway metal (at least 14*) with the lightest shaft y’all can find. Whatever it takes to keep his interest is what I’d be looking for.
  6. I don’t see the dent, caused by the 6 iron going back into the bag, impacting the performance of the club. I’ve actually done the same thing (by accident) to an old driver. The blemish is likely not covered by USKG and I would imagine that most manufacturers have similar policies. The dent is like a sky mark in that it’s aesthetically unattractive but doesn’t really do anything to overall performance. This is a simple lesson in the effectiveness of headcovers and paying a bit more attention. Not really a big deal . Be safe and hit’em well!
  7. Yikes!! I just clicked the “Buy it Now” button on a used 9pc set (TS3-63) before seeing your post. I’ll be sure to check out the thread. The price was really hard to beat for the condition. I’ll install new grips and go through them myself so hopefully they work out. Again, thanks for the replies!
  8. Hello all, As the title implies I am seeking advice about buying clubs for a growing 10 year old boy. He’s been playing with a box set of MacGregor Jr clubs that I bought for him about 4 years ago. I think they were advertised as fitting kids from 7-9 years old. I didn’t put much effort into selecting those clubs because I wasn’t sure if he would actually use them. Fast forward through time and he’s been active in the local Jr clinics and group lessons at his muni. Now he’s joined the Jr PGA league and he’s playing in a rec-like competitive environment. IMO he’s more than ready for an
  9. Nothing wrong with that bag at all! Hit’em well...
  10. That’s my Align T-Rex 700e. It’s totally electric but it flies on a 12s lipo battery. The helicopter itself is pretty ballistic, as are most modern 3D vehicles in its class, but I’m more like an easy drive on a Sunday morning kinda guy. That said I can get about 8-9 minutes of flying per charge. My gliders are unpowered slope soarers and the black Super Fr3ak is an all carbon fiber 1.5 discuss launch glider that weighs about 275g. It’s a thermal machine and probably one of my favorite models right now. AMA membership is only mandatory if you plan on flying at an AMA sanctioned field. I think
  11. Have you registered with the FAA? Aside from golf, I’ve been into R/C airplanes, cars, helicopters, etc for over 30 years. The pics are recent but I’ve been into the hobby since I was 7 (I’m 38 now). I’ll spare you my soapbox opinions on the (more) recent FAA requirements but it’s a great hobby. I’m active on some RC-related forums that have threads dedicated to drone/multi-rotors so let me know if you’d like me to share them. My advice to you is to be patient and considerate in your operation of them. While they are absolutely toys they have the potential to cause a lot of damage and/o
  12. Man, you aren’t messin’ around with your setup. Those mirrored finished Miura blades look amazing! What shafts? You might as well do a full WITB “Independence Day” edition for us... lol. Here’s to a healthy/safe golf-filled 4th of July!
  13. This is a cool bag. Love the different eras of Titleist with the 990Bs and the 917 woods. You’ve got to be on to game the irons. I still have mine that I ordered from the custom shop back in 2001. Great taste!
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