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  1. Play what works! That’s a solid bag all around.
  2. I say play the tees that give you the best opportunity to enjoy the game without holding people up. That said, aside from organized Jr events I NEVER see people playing tees based on their skill set. How awesome that would be though!
  3. Here we go… On a serious note congrats on putting work in and seeing the results. I know that discussions re GlfTec instruction can become contentious fairly quickly.
  4. Just wanted to get in on this before it’s locked up…
  5. Nice bag and nice subtle flex with the RGC rangefinder!
  6. One of my poser setups is a set of freshly gripped set of BeCu Ping Eye 2+ irons (2-LW), a 917D2 driver, 915 FD fairway metal or 07’ TMag Burner TP fairway metal, Ping Milled Anser 6 putter, all toted inside my tropical themed Ping moonlight carry bag. Then I do my thing and remove most, if not all, doubt.
  7. A teen showed up at the range tonight with a well worn and sun-faded pink and gray Titleist Player’s bag. She was walking over to the stalls with a bucket of balls but she also had a shag bag (likely from practicing in the short game area). She had an AJGA tag on her bag as well. Fwiw, I’m in SoCal (LA area) and there are a lot of talented juniors in these parts…even at the humble dives that I frequent.
  8. Solid bag all around! The LinksMaster is really growing on me. Also, nice subtle flex with the PAWS What Party book
  9. @rsballer10 I felt the exact same way. Way back when, I purchased a set of RBldz Tour irons w/ KBS Tour shafts because I loved the look of the club at address and from an aesthetic point of view. They performed “aight” but they felt terrible…just rock hard off the sweet spot. After that failure I picked up a set of SLDR irons and then a set of PSi irons and those both felt/feel great. I’m sure it was an archer/not the arrow issue but I couldn’t groove with the RBldz Tour irons at all.
  10. @TycallNice bag! Every club in your oaks solid. Being a long iron guy I can appreciate the Mizzy 2.5 iron. I still have an older Mizzy MP H4 2 iron that I fit with a 110g Recoil shaft and it’sfrom the tee box.
  11. @Lobby your post says it all (for me). I’ve been playing the game for 27 years and I spent the first 23 years drinking from the manufacturers kool aid fountain. It’s all BS. I say buy equipment as you please but understand that there is no better remedy for poor mechanics/bad play other than proper practice and time.
  12. This is the internet my friend. As much as many of us would like to think that we’re like-minded golf enthusiasts that share a deep passion for all things golf the brash reality is that this is still the internet.
  13. 327yds during a windy round earlier this summer…had a nice tailwind to boot. Stepped up on the next tee with a strong headwind and barley hit it 190yds.
  14. @Highstrung The modern bag is solid but the vintage bag with the BeCu Eye2s and the blonde woods is all class! Do you play with that set much and if so how does your play (with them) stack up against the modern bag?
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