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  1. It would definitely appear to be a niche market in these parts!
  2. I’m sure there’s a bottom line impact to send WRX folks to more tourneys but I used to look forward to the LPGA bags, the Champions Tour bags, and even the big collegiate tourney bags. You tend to get more of a variety of (old and new)equipment being used at the most elite levels of competition.
  3. Solid setup! Love the OG purple L8 swag too! If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!!
  4. That’s a sweet setup for being in the game less than a year! Play what makes you happy!! Hit’em well!!
  5. I second the aforementioned post by @No_Catchy_Nickname
  6. I think the MP-53s would be more forgiving than the TM300s because the 53s are more of a game improvement pocket cavity where the 64s are true players cavity backs that offer minimal forgiveness IMO. Here’s an old Mark Crossfield review of the MP-53s and MP-64s. Prior to the Pandemic, I picked up sets of MP-57 and MP-67 irons in very good condition with standard specs and DG S300 shafts. They’re both extremely smooth and I would recommend giving them a try if possible.
  7. Thanks @dan360. @Chadwickog, does that work?
  8. I’ve heard that bags are often sold to collectors and enthusiasts or donated/raffled off for charity.
  9. That’s a great bag! Haven’t tried them but I really like the looks of the MP20 series irons. Please tell me you kept the MP29s? Hit’em well!
  10. Where do you normally play in LA?
  11. Nice bag jf72286. Hit’em well!!
  12. Very nice setup you have there. If I had to use one word to describe that word would be “solid.” How would you rate the Moonlite’s performance? I’m thinking about getting that tropical patterned bag in the near future.
  13. I stopped (primarily) carrying at around 35. I’m 39 now. Everyone in my regular foursome uses push carts when they walk. Initially I avoided the notion of using a push cart like the plague because I just didn’t feel like I needed to. Then I broke down and bought a 3-wheeled CaddyTek. After one round with it I was hooked on it. It really does help in conserving energy. I’ve used a BagBoy Quad XL for the last 3 years and it’s the sauce. I still like to carry on occasion. When I carry I use the setup below:
  14. Looks like a hella stout setup with those shafts and all that lead tape!! Very nice bag
  15. I’ve used the “multiple backup sets for visiting family/friends” logic for well over a decade now and I can count on one hand how many times I’ve used old clubs for that purpose. That said, I can put a decent bag together for my people w/o too much concern about what they will do to my clubs. Otherwise I would rent clubs for them.
  16. Those irons share similarities to the old Lynx Liberty irons from way back. I’m sure they’re solid though.
  17. @NCLancer, that’s an awesome sketch! Thanks for sharing
  18. Welcome back to the game! Your bag is more than solid enough to navigate and be successful in your PAT endeavors. Those MP64s/MP4s will ALWAYS be appropriate! Be safe and hit’em well!!
  19. I might be in the minority but I enjoy watching collegiate golf. Watching Goff from UK implode and blow a 6 shot lead on 17 was painful. I (almost) wouldn’t wish that kind of meltdown on my worst enemy. How often do you hear of the highest level of D1 NCAA golfers hitting the wrong ball then imploding on the very next hole? That was hard to watch.
  20. I’ll second LeoLeo99’s sentiment..God bless him!! I actually don’t have much to offer in terms of advice other than finding something lofted more like a fairway metal (at least 14*) with the lightest shaft y’all can find. Whatever it takes to keep his interest is what I’d be looking for.
  21. I don’t see the dent, caused by the 6 iron going back into the bag, impacting the performance of the club. I’ve actually done the same thing (by accident) to an old driver. The blemish is likely not covered by USKG and I would imagine that most manufacturers have similar policies. The dent is like a sky mark in that it’s aesthetically unattractive but doesn’t really do anything to overall performance. This is a simple lesson in the effectiveness of headcovers and paying a bit more attention. Not really a big deal . Be safe and hit’em well!
  22. Yikes!! I just clicked the “Buy it Now” button on a used 9pc set (TS3-63) before seeing your post. I’ll be sure to check out the thread. The price was really hard to beat for the condition. I’ll install new grips and go through them myself so hopefully they work out. Again, thanks for the replies!
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