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  1. Missed it by a shot yesterday. I shot a 2-over 72, after being +5 after 5 holes. It hurts to only miss by a shot (missed sectionals by a combined 6 shots in the last 4 years!), but I’m proud of how I grinded it back after an awful start. I’m traveling for tournaments in 4 of the next 5 weeks, so hopefully we can find a little momentum and play well the rest of the season.
  2. Best of luck all, I’ll be trying at Omaha Country Club on May 17. A Perry Maxwell gem!
  3. I would recommend Matt Trimble out of ASU Karsten in Tempe. He’s worked with lots of great players, including Jon Rahm and Matt Jones. He also works with the ASU golf teams. He’s a guy that really stresses fundamentals, and makes small changes, gradually making guys better. Here’s a link to his website: http://www.teamtrimble.golf/. There’s info on his philosophy and other stuff that should give you some info. Hope it works out!
  4. Yep they’ll replace it. I cracked mine on the crown earlier this year and they sent me an m4. All I had to do was send the m2 back in the box I received my m4 in. Easy peasy. Great customer service!
  5. Anybody know about shipping of the Atmos Black? When I ordered it last month it said the “earliest ship date” was 3/18 but now it’s moved to 4/24. Please tell me I don’t have to wait another month for my driver
  6. I think Phil is doing well today, even if it isn’t exactly golf related. He’s now a well respected member of the Bitcoin/Cryptocurreny community, and still plays plenty of golf when he’s in Arizona at Desert Mountain. Certainly an interesting story! Made his million going down a different avenue
  7. I’m not sure exactly when they’ll be available, but Golfworks would be the place to buy weights from. They’re fantastic to deal with in regards to components and clubmaking.
  8. I’ll give it another go again. Missed sectionals by a shot last year and lost in a playoff (5 holes!) two years ago. Hopefully it’ll go better this time around
  9. Played a few courses on a 3 week visit to practice and play a tournament or two recently. Here’s some info on practice facilites and courses if I played them: ASU - Good place to practice if you can get onto the grass range out there. Luckily I had a few lessons with Matt Trimble (highly recommend, worked with Jon Rahm while he was at ASU), and he let me practice all I wanted pre and post-lesson. The practice green there is pretty pure, but on the course you can tell it still gets a lot of play. Good speed and condition, just a lot of ball marks. Can’t say I recommend the course anyway, but I’ll take it over the other Dye design in town. Lone Tree - Played here for an Outlaw Tour event. I might be biased because I played relatively well here, but the greens are in much better shape compared to last year at this time. I was really impressed with course conditions out here. Lots of drivers off the tee and island green par 3 to make things interesting. Range and practice green aren’t the best, but it’s more than enough to hit a few balls and work on putting. Chipping green is too small to get any proper work in unless you’re working on short chips only. Las Colinas - This is a great place to practice short game IMO. Two smaller greens near the clubhouse to putt and chip on, but the best green for chipping is by the driving range. If it’s not busy you can go out about 50 yards to hit pitches and short game shots. Greens are slow here though, seems to be a lot of (too much?) grass on the greens if that makes sense. Range is okay, just make sure your bucket has more Srixon range balls over the generic brand balls they have. Ocotillo - Ocotillo is an interesting place. Very resorty feel, and you can still catch a good deal to play here if you play at the right time. Course is very lush from tee to green, with the greens at a decent speed. Lots of water out here, but there’s ample room off the tees to play safe. There’s some big slopes on the greens, making for some interesting putts if you misplace an approach shot. TPC Champions - One of my favorites to play around the area. Really a fun layout with a good mix of holes. I’m a big fan of the par fives out there, and the par threes are a good mix of distances. The greens usually run a tad slow, but they keep them in good condition. Bunkers are some of the best in the valley. Desert Forest - Played out here with a former college teammate and it exceeded expectations. Everything is absolutely pristine. Some of the toughest greens I’ve played, running at a very quick pace. It helps to have a little local knowledge to read them out here, as there’s apparently a mountain effect that i didn’t pick up on until the 15th hole. Tight course off the tee and very walkable, this place will eat your lunch if you’re not on your game. One of my top 5 courses I’ve played. Highly recommend to everyone if they can get a chance to play out there. I also recommend eating at nearby Big Earl’s Greasy Eats in Cave Creek. Damn good burgers but hard on the diet!
  10. ​Current USGA handicap: +4ish - Currently a mini tour pro What are your current irons and shafts (be specific) - Mizuno Mp64/MP4 combo, KBS C-Taper X, Standard Loft/Lie/Length Were you fit for your current irons? If so, where / when? - No, I honestly did my fitting based on online reviews and based on what I thought I needed, and have played them for 3 years. State why you'd want to attend this exclusive opportunity to be fit at TaylorMade Golf: I've never had a true in-depth fitting, and would like to see how it can enhance my game. I feel like I could offer a unique perspective at this event, hopefully for the benefit of many of the lower handicaps on this forum
  11. If it means anything, I played the mini tours (Dakotas Tour, Dreamchasers, and several state opens, etc.) last year. I was +4.3 when I turned pro in September 2015, and averaged 69.7 on the minis last year. I only netted $1700
  12. My recommendation would be Matt Trimble out of ASU Karsten. He is a very good teacher, especially for better players, which it seems like you are. He charges $90 per 45 minutes, but typically will go a little longer if there's something he needs to get across. He has worked with a lot of former ASU guys, including Matt Jones and Jon Rahm. I really enjoy working with him and it's well worth the money.
  13. I've been a lurker on this forum for a long long time and that comment will never not make me laugh
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