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  1. Looking for a golf trip destination that has at least 4 different courses at the same location where we can stay and play and not have to drive to each course. Similar to Pinehurst or Kiawah...But something on the more affordable end preferably. Any ideas?
  2. Up for sale are 3 dozen boxes of Snell Golf MTB Red Golf Balls, all brand new in boxes. $28 each shipped, $25 each if you take all 3.
  3. I'm having second thoughts. I can hear the wind howling outside my house. We'll see what tomorrow brings. Dude...I was outside tonight for 5 minutes pumping gas when my hand froze and the wind was ripping my face off...stay home
  4. 1) Titleist 818 h2 19 degrees with Aldila Rogue 85H stiff shaft. Standard length. Come with headcover , wrench, and both weights. Used for 1 season. In excellent condition. $155 OBO. SOLD 2) Edel wedges 55 and 60 degree, DVR grinds. The heads are currently off the shafts. I will include the shafts at no charge but they will not be attached. They are NIppon pro, and play -.5". $90 for the pair. SOLD
  5. So High HC = a joy to play with and Low HC = PITA? I have news for you. There are plenty of people, both good and and bad players, that are a great time to play with, and there are plenty of people, both good and bad players, the are absolutely miserable to play with. My personal standards are: 1. CAN YOU KEEP PACE! 2. Are you nice/fun to be around? 3. Do you respect AND enjoy the game 4. Can you laugh at yourself? 5. Will you play a match in our group? Golf is more fun when there is something on the line- even if it's just bragging rights. And nothing ruins the group dynamic faster than t
  6. Single digit handicappers who think information is a luxury reserved only for the elite..
  7. All prices below include shipping to CONUS. 1) Pair of Edel DVR wedges, 55 and 60 with Nippon NS Pro WV 105 shafts & Lamkin Crossline Ace grips. Normal wear but in good shape. Only interested in selling as a pair right now. But will consider individual offers. $150 $140 $130 for the pair. 2) Aldila RIP 60 driver shaft with Lamkin Crossline Ace grip. Stiff. Plays 43". Has Titleist 910 tip. Can remove if requested. $40 3) Project X 6.0 hybrid shaft with Lamkin Crossline Ace grip. Stiff. Plays 40". $25 4) Vokey wedge shafts (2). Measurements butt to tip are 33.5" and 34". Come with ru
  8. 10 yards could be the difference between middle of the green or off the green. Or in the lake vs over the lake. Sure an amateur may miss the distance anyway more often than not, but if your starting point is with inaccurate information there’s even less chance of success. So I would really disagree on this. The useful features of a yardage device is to give information of distance to the front, center and back of the pin placement, distance to hazards, where a golfer is not familiar with the layout. How many golfers do you personally know whom could control their approach to within 10 yard
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