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  1. I was at that Monday several years ago (2014 I think) that was rained out about an hour or two into the day! The Masters was kind enough to replace those tix for Wednesday tix the following year. We got lucky. I had a friend a couple years after that who had the day rained out and the Masters didn’t replace those tix. So I guess it’s a crapshoot ... And of course I won the lottery again this year. If patrons cannot attend, I just hope these tix are replaced for 2021 tix. PS ... Would this make my 2020 tix collectors items?
  2. I found a G400 hybrid but a stiff shaft. So I found a G410 R shaft with adapter. Will the G410 adapter work with the G400 head?
  3. @Nessism When you bent your 54* Glide to 55*, how does that affect bounce?
  4. As an owner of 919 Hot Metals, I’m obviously biased. However, they look a lot better than the supposed 920s IMO. Good time to grab some 919s if I were you!
  5. I’m gonna have a 6* gap somewhere. Would you prefer it to between your GW (50*) and SW(56*)? Or SW(54*) and LW(60*)?
  6. So I read this WRX article on effective bounce. So if I understand correctly, if have a shallow angle of attack, I would want an SS grind on 54* or 56* right? And should an Eye2 be fine in a 60*? What is “effective bounce” anyway?
  7. Why does the Eye2 grind have less bounce than the SS? For example, a 54* Eye2 has 10* of bounce whereas a 54* SS has 12*.
  8. Anyone using a 54/60 combo with their 50* GW?
  9. I am trying to break 90 every time out, so I'm just trying to get the ball close to the hole! At the same time, I'm not that bad with my wedges (when I get to practice). So ... Am I wrong in assuming a 60* is a given? And then it's what to do with the other wedge that is the decision? FWIW ... I rarely take full swings with current 54/58 wedge set up. I find myself opting to my 50* GW for those distances where I could use a full swing with my 54* - maybe run it up near the flag or something.
  10. The 60* made sense to me too. The “hard” part is next. SW of 54*, 55*, or 56*? I’d pair it with the 45* (PW), 50* (GW), and 60* (GW).
  11. I’m stuck with what to pair with my 50* GW. Either go with the 55* 919 SW and 60 Eye2 Glide 3.0. Or I can go 54/58 Glide 3.0 combo. (Or 54/60 combo).
  12. I’ve got a 50* GW and want a set of wedges. I noticed a lot of 56*/60* sets on eBay whereas something like 54*/58* or 54*/58* seems harder to find. Any reason for that? Are more people going with 56*/60*? Or is it just what’s on eBay right?
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