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  1. How did the ADMT play for you I have one in a 3 wood and am curious what type of ball flight you got in a 9 degree driver?
  2. Thank you very much that's some really good information, I will look for these shafts to give a try, I know I should just keep the SC it really is a great shaft, I have an ADDI7x in my 910d3 and I really think I hit this old school titleist better and farther, certainly straighter!
  3. Hey all I have recently started playing an older Titleist 905r shafted with an Accra SC75 and the shaft performs well but the club was bought off of 2nd swing.com and the shaft is beat to death and looks terrible, since it's an older shaft I can't find much info on it, anyone have any idea what might be a similar replacement in a modern shaft? On a side note the 905r clubhead is a flat out performer probably will supplant my 910d3 to the backup bag for the foreseeable future.
  4. Hey all, I recently picked up a nice set of used Ping s57 3-pw, but after playing a few rounds i happen to compare them to my buddy's new G25's which he ordered new at 1/2 inch longer than standard, so after thinking my s57's seemed long I was suprised to see that they are the same length as the custom set 1/2 inch long. So my question is what might i see as a miss when playing with clubs that are longer than I am accustomed to?
  5. [quote name='spires1020' timestamp='1373167224' post='7401060'] I use GolfWorks Tour Set Plus, works great. There is some max strength stuff as well, it has a 2:1 ratio, best for when working on irons. Graphite shafts flex enough and are fragile enough that a regular strength epoxy works best. Using a real high strength epoxy on a graphite shaft sets yourself up for ruining the shaft when it comes time to remove it. Titleist used some really nasty stuff on its bore through model drivers, very difficult to remove them without destroying the shaft. For a hot melt gun, use this: [url="http://w
  6. Ok great thanks, I will look them up, Im just going to tinker with old closet clubs nothing important. I do plan on ordering a swing weight scale though.
  7. Hey all, I have a quick questions tonight, I am wanting to do some tinkering on some older clubs, changeing shafts and tinkering with this hotmelt idea, etc... First question is where can I get a quality epoxy for shafts and also where might one find some holtmelt to use? Also does anyone know what the stock length of a 910 driver, thinking of triming a bit off?
  8. I play a blueboard 83x tipped 2 inches in my 3 wood, I really didnt notice a big difference in the shaft over what it replaced, I like the lower flight and dont feel its overly to stiff to play.
  9. I have a scotty 1.5 studio style i would be interested in trading if your interested?
  10. which shaft is in the driver, the 6x or 7x, I have a DI6s and im the opposite, I think the stiff is to soft, so if interested id trade you my 6s, its from titleist has a 910 tip??
  11. Still got the Anser head, if so any trades you looking for?
  12. [quote name='endy' timestamp='1356760170' post='6132753'] When you said "puppies", I was thinking something totally different. GLWS! [/quote] LOL, yeah me too...
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