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  1. I follow him and thats been one of the inspirations for this idea! Respect to him for the hustle and for being successful (from what we see on IG) but him being in Jacksonville vs Canada is an advantage I wish I had. Guess its time to finally move down south!
  2. Living in Canada, an indoor simulator business has crossed my mind. A sort of TopGolf style atmosphere without the full range. Not many places like that exist around my area, and if they do they are low-quality. Only thing is the overhead to start a business like that would be huge with the price of a simulator and most people who come to those places are there for a good time with friends and booze, not the quality of the sim.
  3. Thanks for the feedback, thats super informative (way more detail then I thought I'd get from this forum)! I get the "Don't do it" advice. Its definitely not the world's most profitable or easiest business to start. Its just been a thought that I have had recently and all this info helps me look a the possibility in a realistic way
  4. Thanks for the advice. Spot on with the GREAT club builder point. The big box retailers in our area are terrible when it comes to service and quality. Goal would be to position myself a superior product to them, but need to hone the skills first. Thats why I follow this Forum, tons of great stuff!
  5. Definitely more research and planning to be done. I figured starting any kind of golf business isn't easy to break into the industry so having the most info possible and being prepared and knowledgeable is a good place to start
  6. Living in a major Canadian city. 6 months of winter is definitely a hindering factor that I've considered. Thats what kind of drives the simulator bay idea as well to get people into the shop when golf courses are closed.
  7. Morning all! Looking for some advice on a career change. I currently work in finance and dread every work day. Been dreaming lately of opening my own golf shop (pro-shop services, club repair, fitting bay/simulator perhaps in the future?). At the moment, I am no more than a golf addict with some amateur club-building experience under my belt from tinkering with my own gear, and fitting knowledge gained from everything I've read and watched online. So by no means a pro/expert. From following this forum, it seems like some of you have your own shops. Wondering what kind o
  8. Watching Tiger win the Masters last year. Only got into golf after his first 14 majors. Finally got to see the GOAT do it live!
  9. Who wouldn't want to win a new set of these beauts!! Im in because its time for some new irons! Im Irish so Go Euro Go!
  10. Every time I go golfing I play with my brother. Were 16 and17 years old. We always play music when we play. Its just a way to lighten the mood, especially when one of us is playing like crap. But once we get near eaople we always turn it down. There's always the grumpy old guys who despise us teenagers and will jump down our throats any chance they get. But honestly, I don't see the problem with playing music.
  11. Would you be willing to sell only the R11 shaft and ship to Canada? I love my R11 that I've had for almost three years now but i keep breaking the shafts. I broke the stock shaft and now I broke the replacement shaft so I'm just looking for something with the R11 tip. Thanks!
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