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  1. Warm and hot is different. We are all in SoCal. Winter isn’t too bad here. So if travel long way to play under 90 degree, we need think about it.
  2. I just realize that the weather is still very hot over there in mid Nov. So it made us reconsidering now.
  3. Thanks. Man. We fly into Jacksonville, and will stay in FL for 8 days. Will leave from Miami. Planning to play 7 courses. As long as we could get on, we want to try the best option along that line.
  4. Question for friends who know FL courses better. My group is planning a trip to FL in about second week of Nov. We are hoping to start from Sawgrass and finish at Dora Blue Monster. Can't miss Streamsong, right? Any advice on courses condition around that period of time? Also, I've seen too many nice courses versus our limited options. Do you have any suggestion on courses besides these three destinations? Thanks a lot in advance.
  5. 3 solid shafts for sale today. 1. The newest version of Speeder 661, SR flex; 43.75 with callaway adapter. Like new condition. $150 shipped 2. Fubuki ZT 60 stiff. 43.5 without any adaptor. $60 shipped 3. Kurokage FW 70 stiff Toni. With Taylormade adaptor. $40 shipped thanks
  6. Just one item for sale today. Honma DI 3i, head only. Perfect condition. $55 shipped. no trade pls.
  7. During my trip to Vegas over the years, I had couple of fun experience to bet on who will win Master or US Open. So do we have a legal website that we can bet on the normal PGA Tour or other tour? I mean small bet, more on the fun side, not serious money bet.
  8. Great condition and both from factory direct. Just a bit soft for me. Driver shaft is 44; FW shaft is 42. Both with Winn Grip in good condition. $sold for both.
  9. Just one item today. For sale, no trade. Great condition. Very little use. Head only with cover. Sold thanks.
  10. Great set of iron with upgrade shaft. Since this is a strong loft design, 6 iron loft is 25. The distance is almost matching the normal 5-P. 6-P are 921 hot metal pro. G is 921. 6 iron length is 38. G Wedge length is 35.5 Fujikura MCI black version. 100 stiff. Swing weight is D2. Golf pride Mizuno grips. $650 shipped. No trade please.
  11. We have a tee time on 30th afternoon this year. Funniest thing is a golf buddy of us doesn't want to go, and he said he never enjoy looking for ball in the area that you know it is there, but can't find it in 3-5 minutes.
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