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  1. To answer a question from members here. This one is very well design. Soft feeling at impact. Easy to set up. Definitely has very strong playability. Not a wall hanger.
  2. For sale. No trade. A rare beauty from Kronos. D’Arcy is collaborated with John Ashworth and Linksoul. this is completely sold out on Kronos website. You need join their waiting list for the $650 payment for this one. 34 length with matching head cover and grip. $435 shipped.
  3. Sorry for some upside down pictures. Please PM me if you need more pictures.
  4. For sale. No trade. Price is firm. $1450 shipped. PXG Gen3 P model. 4-W. Total 7 clubs. In great condition with very limited use. With UST Recoil 110 F4 shaft. Winn Drytac oversized grips. 5 iron is 38.25. $1450 shipped.
  5. For sale. No trade please. Miura Tour wedge set, 50-56-60. These are 10 and 12 bounce. With Mitsubishi OT iron shaft. 95 stiff. White Pure grips are in great shape. $450 shipped.
  6. For sale today are 5 shafts that pulled from wedges. 4 are KBS FLT 130X. All with Winn Drytac Mid grips. 2 of them are around 34.75; and two of them are around 34.5. One is Nippon Modus 130X. 33.75. Golf pride grip. Sell as a lot at $70. Thanks.
  7. This was ordered directly from Callaway. Brand new. I just took the plastics and hit 2-3 shots. With matching head cover. Oban Kiyoshi Gold 04-65. 43.25 length. $335 firm. No trade.
  8. For sale, Tour AD XC 7S. 42.25. With Iomic grip. $sold . I feel it is very closed to not been tipped, but not 100% sure honestly. No trade pls.
  9. Thanks. Mate. Very helpful. I think I probably just skip the trip.
  10. A pair of Diamond Speeder for sale. 5X, 43.75 for driver; 6X, 42.15 for FW. Both with Iomic grips in great shape. $350 shipped. Only trade will be Fujikura Daytona 6 in SR flex.
  11. Any friends in Pittsburgh area could advice me how the weather and course condition when mid-late October? Has the leaves started cover the golf course? Thanks a lot in advance.
  12. One item for sale today as titled. Got it new with plastics from Dick’s connection. I hit 10-15 shots total. So mint condition. With UST Mamiya Helium light weight shaft in stiff from TM Factory. Come with matching head cover. $360. shaft only will be $70. I will not sell head only. Please don’t ask. no trade please. There are two guys in this forum, regardless how big you mark “NO TRADE”, they will always sent their junk trade list. Don’t want to see your PM, Sir.
  13. 6-7 years ago, when I was in GA. In a cold winter morning, I went to Sandy Spring CC location for a fitting. I unfortunately ran into a greedy sales guy, not even a solid fitter. I waited outside for around 20 minutes, and I haven't got a chance to warm up. when the fitting started, after 2-3 iron shots with my own club, he stopped me and said this club is not for me. I asked him what is wrong with the club, shaft flex or what? He said everything is not right. From then, in 90 minutes, he literally handed me all the iron heads they are selling. At that time, I can tell, Miura gave them the be
  14. Just one driver for sale today as titled. Very good condition, but the hot melt screw shows some rusty. Won’t be able to see at address and won’t effect the play. Just need Point it out. Play length is 44.75. With a Ping G400 Head cover. $ 380 shipped. Only trade with be TM Sim Max D 9 degree with similar level shaft. Please pay attention to the second picture for the hot melt screw.
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