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  1. For sale today: No trade! 1. Artisan Wedges. Raw finish. 48-51-55-60. Three of them shaft with Tour issue S400, and one with KBS $Taper 130. $1000 shipped for all 4. 2. Nippon Super Peening Red iron shaft. I’m very rare regular flex. 3-A. Total 9 pieces. The longest one is 37.5; the shortest one is 33.5. 355 tip size. No trade!!!
  2. For sale, no trade. Scotty Phontom 5.5. 34 length. With head cover. $sold shipped.
  3. As the golf course manager clearly indicated that this accident was my friend's fault ( drove along the wrong direction ), and the other two had pretty clear and solid evidence on their injuries. Plus another friend refer an attorney friend told him that if goes to court, he has almost no chance to walk away without compensation. He just want to settle this issue right here. Again, I am not "my buddy"! As a friend, I can't stop him to settle this problem out of his life. When I post this topic, I simply want to know if the golf course's GL should cover this or not. At the end, I am very t
  4. Thanks for all the questions and advice. Couple of update. My friend does not have a homeowner insurance nor motor insurance. He is a new immigrant to the country. Someone mentioned the cart leasing agreement which protect the golf course from the potential liability. This is true. So no GL coverage from golf course. we got the confirmation now. The two persons in the other cart definitely got some injuries, and they showed him the pictures and proof. Finally, the end of the story. My friend will give them this compensation to settle everything.
  5. Hey, man, I don't get the way you try be a "smart" guy here several times! if I am the one involved, I don't have to make up this story. There is nothing shame to ask for some opinion in this forum. I heard my buddy's experience and I felt there are something I want to know better, that is the only reason. I guess you just have no better place to show off your umbrella policy, ha? Hey listen, a "wise" guy's BS is still a BS.
  6. Man, good for you. I need double check mine. Maybe it does. Hopefully, I never need it.
  7. There is no any traffic sign on one-way drive. While, the manager of the golf club did say all the golf cart path is one-way drive, even though we've seen people drove both ways.
  8. He indeed is smarter than you thought. Just as a friend I want to hear more advice and maybe someone is more knowledgeable. You don't need worry about this.
  9. My buddy involved in a golf cart accident several weeks ago. When he realized he forgot the wedge at the last green, he turned back to look for it. Along the cart path, there was a very sharp turn where the tree and bushes made a bind spot, his cart knocked on to the cart drove by next group golfers. Both my friend and the other two golfers got some injuries, without any broken bone though. Now the other two golfers come to my buddy and request 6K of compensation, saying the golf course confirmed that my buddy drove on the wrong direction of one-way golf cart road. My question is s
  10. For sale, a Tour Issue Ping G20 driver. 9.5 loft. Tour only black finish. ( retail was silver. ) With Tour AD TP 6S shaft. Length is 45. Clean head. No head cover. $200 shipped.
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