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  1. Got a full lot here today folks! Let’s get right in to it and like always, prices are PayPaled & shipped! Here is a list so you don’t have to scroll all the way through: 8. Sterling One Length 4-6 iron heads 1. Cobra Radspeed 9* Peacoat Colorway. Fujikura Speeder Pro Xlr8 71 Tour-X. Used for a handful of rounds and range sessions. I believe it’s 45” with a MCC +4 midsize grip. Adapter is an older one but I can throw a new one in with it. SOLD 2. Scotty Cameron Big Sur Armlock Experiment. 40”, 76 Lie and 5 Loft. Jumbo max 17” grip with the flat side punning
  2. I recently came upon an Accra TZ5 55 gram X stiff driver shaft and became very interested in playing a lighter and stiffer driver shaft. I currently play a hazrdus yellow 76g 6.5 shaft (swing speed in the low to mid 120s with a Rory-esque tempo) I tipped the Accra an inch and threw a tip on it and to say I was impressed with the results would be an understatement. Just curious if anyone else has tried this and gotten good results or not so good results!
  3. Just one set of Apex Pro irons up for sale today! Set is 4-AW with TT R Flex Elevate shafts and tour velvet grips. These irons have only seen a handful of range sessions and 3 rounds of golf. They have minimal signs of bag chatter and have a ton of good shots (and a hole in one or two) left in them! Price is $800 $750 SOLD shipped and paypaled. If you need additional pics let me know!
  4. Looking for a quick sale here. All prices are shipped and PayPaled! Let’s get these clubs a new home! 1. Titleist T-100 5-PW. DG Tour Issue AMT White S300 shafts and golf pride 360 grips. Used for 1 round and 2 short range sessions. $725 SOLD 2. Callaway 18* UT. Tensei Orange 90 TX with a tour velvet align grip. Has some lead tape residue that I’ll clean off before shipping. $200 $185 SOLD
  5. In the market for 2 new wedges 56 and 60-62 range. I really want to get a hi toe but I cant decide which one. Ive hit the TM Hi Toe and its okay, I hit the original PM Grind and liked it but had mixed results with the new one, and I havent tried the new Wilson Staff Model HT wedge (any testimonials?). Any input would be much appreciated.
  6. Just trying to clear some space for the driver of 2021 that dethroned these beasts. Hopefully these can move pretty quick! All prices are shipped, PayPal’d, and OBO. If any additional pics or specs are needed feel free to ask! Onto the goodies.... 1. Taylormade Sim Max 9* Head (Used for a couple rounds and 5ish range sessions)— $250 OBO SOLD 2. Callaway Mavrik 10.5* (Used for a couple range sessions and 2 rounds) — $250 $225 SOLD 3. Graphite Design Tour ADDI 6s Driver shaft w Titleist tip and TV 360 grip—$125 OBO SOLD
  7. Just a quick little post here! Everything is shipped and PayPaled. If any additional pics are needed fee free to ask! All the irons can be bent to your specs before shipping! MIURA MC-501 - 5-PW - Nippon 950 GH Reg Flex -Golf Pride TV Cord Grips - lightly used as you can tell and ready for someone who is good enough to hit! -PRICE: $1500 $1400 $1300 $1200 OBO TITLEIST TS4 9.5 HEAD -Used for half a season -clean face, top line, and crown -PRICE: SOLD TITLEIST TS2 8.5 HEAD -Used for 2 rounds -Just a cou
  8. I have a TMB 2 iron head, a u500 3 iron head, and a mp18 fli hi 2 iron head. I’ve tried various shafts in the u500 (Hzrdus smoke, s400, Paderson imrt) and the mp 18(amt white x100) Just couldn’t find one that worked. I just picked up a Mitsubishi MMT utility iron 125TX SHAFT and I don’t know which head to put it in. And opinions are welcome and any experiences with the shaft would greatly be appreciated.
  9. I have a Mizuno MP-18 MMC Fli Hi 2 iron head that I’m trying to find a graphite shaft to put in. I’m a pretty high launch and high spin player (driver SS in the low to mid 120s). I need a shaft that is pretty low launch and spin to make this the right tee club for me. I’ve tried steel shafts and I lose a little too much speed and feel from them. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!
  10. I talked to a Titleist rep today and he basically confirmed drivers to replace the TS2 and TS3 as well as fairway wood replacements...also another interesting thing he dropped...Titleist May be thinking of moving their hybrid release to go with the woods instead of the irons, which means replacements for the TS hybrids from last year which I think are unreal and I wasn’t a huge hybrid guy before that.
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