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  1. I have a TMB 2 iron head, a u500 3 iron head, and a mp18 fli hi 2 iron head. I’ve tried various shafts in the u500 (Hzrdus smoke, s400, Paderson imrt) and the mp 18(amt white x100) Just couldn’t find one that worked. I just picked up a Mitsubishi MMT utility iron 125TX SHAFT and I don’t know which head to put it in. And opinions are welcome and any experiences with the shaft would greatly be appreciated.
  2. Anyone have a set of one length irons (heads only or with x shafts) they are looking to part with?
  3. I have a Mizuno MP-18 MMC Fli Hi 2 iron head that I’m trying to find a graphite shaft to put in. I’m a pretty high launch and high spin player (driver SS in the low to mid 120s). I need a shaft that is pretty low launch and spin to make this the right tee club for me. I’ve tried steel shafts and I lose a little too much speed and feel from them. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!
  4. I talked to a Titleist rep today and he basically confirmed drivers to replace the TS2 and TS3 as well as fairway wood replacements...also another interesting thing he dropped...Titleist May be thinking of moving their hybrid release to go with the woods instead of the irons, which means replacements for the TS hybrids from last year which I think are unreal and I wasn’t a huge hybrid guy before that.
  5. This is from the end of the grip. Let me know if you need anymore info
  6. Offloading a full listing. Iron experiment fails and space taker-uppers! All prices are Shipped and PayPaled! Feel free to make an offer, worst I can say is no! Here is a quick list of everything: Titleist 690 MB heads 3-PW. Heads are in great shape for their age. Might not be able to hit them but hey, you’ll look pretty damn cool right? $150 OBO SOLDProject X 6.5 Pulls 4-PW. Shafts are 1/2” long and we’re only games for a third of a season. Come with Golf Pride Z-Cord grips in basically new condition. $150 OBO SOLDWishon 575 MMC Forged Irons 3-PW. Shafted with Nippon Modus 130x shafts. Thes
  7. Does anyone know what the headweight is on the new vokey sm8s?
  8. Have a good buddy of mine that is a golf pro and was just put on staff with titleist. When he was getting fit for his new sticks the rep recommended that he wait until around the fall because they are supposed to be releasing a new driver. Anybody heard anything about this??
  9. Can you attend the event around beginning of May? 100% Have you tried Motore X or Ventus? What ones? I have not tried the Motore X. I did hit a buddy of mines Ventus Blue shaft and really likes the feel, just a little too high launching for me. Why are you excited to get fit for Motore X? I had the OG F1 in my driver in high school and loved the feel and flight. Don't think I have hit a driver that consistent since then. I would love to get one back in my bag and to get the opportunity to get fit by the best fitters at Fujikura HQ! What Motore X, F1 or F3, do you think would fit your swing?
  10. I'd be interested in the shaft if you would be willing to separate them.
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