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  1. Got a few goodies up for sale today that I just never seemed to get along with. All prices are OBO, paypaled and shipped! Only possibly trades would be a TM 2 iron (driving iron) with an x-stiff shaft, hi toe wedges or any kind of putters! 1. Sim 2 Max, 9 degree Head. there are two small rub marks on the carbon top that are purely cosmetic and not easy to see. Had someone caddy for me at a course and they magically appeared mid round… honestly could probably buff them right out. I have two different shaft options available. Prices are as follows: Head Only: $300 $275 w/ Handcrafted Hzrdus Yellow: $400 $375 2. Ventus Blue 6X Velocore. Plays 46” in a Sim 2 head. 44.5” from butt to end of tip. Comes with a jumbo tour velvet grip. Price: SOLD 3. Handcrafted Hzrdus Yellow. Plays 44.5” in a Sim 2 max head. Tipped 1”. 43” from butt to end of tip. Had a Callaway adapter on before going in the Sim Head so there is some faint marks right above the adapter since TM adapters are a little shorter. Comes with a midsize MCC +4 grip. Price: $120 $110 4. Atmos Black Tour Spec 7X. Tipped 1” then butt cut down to 3 wood length. Plays right at 43 inches in a sim fairway wood. Measures 41.5 butt to end of tip. Standard TM grip. Price: $150 $130 5. Odyssey 10 Stroke Lab single line. Plays at 36”. Comes with a pretty new superstroke 2.0 grip with a 50g countercore weight. Comes with original headcover. Standard Loft and Lie. Price: $200 $175 6. Odyssey White Hot 1W Tank Arm Lock conversion. So this was an experiment that worked for a long time then one day everything went bad and I never got it back. Has 30ish grams of lead tape on the sole to get the head weight to 400g. Had a new Winn 15” grip on it. Plays 41”. Loft is 5 and Lie is 73. Price: SOLD 7. Titleist 620 CB 3 iron Head. Standard specs. Minimal wear. price: $75 $50
  2. 1. City, State? Savannah, GA 2. Handicap? +1 3. What is your current putter? Taylormade Bandon hydroblast 4. Have you ever used a L.A.B. Golf putter? I played around with one in college and I’ve messed with one my boss has at work (the direct force putter) and I love the stability but could never get used to the look 5. Why do you want to review the MEAZZ.1 putter? Putting has always been a downside to my golf game. Ball striking is never a problem but I’m extremely streaky on the greens. I love the stability of the putter and consistency across the face that the Lab putters offer but could never get used to the look. This one however looks awesome! I think it might finally be time to get the whole experience! 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? I will absolutely post way more info and pics than anyone wants with complete honesty!
  3. Got a few items up for sale today. All prices are shipped and OBO. If you need any additional information or pictures feel free to ask. 1. Paderson Kinetix Launch TPD30 driver shaft. Taylormade tip with Tour Velvet. 44 1/2 from butt of grip to tip. Only hit about 10 balls total. PRICE: $250 $230 $215 OBO 2. Scotty Cameron Studio Style Newport 2. Measures 34 inches and has a Golf Pride SNSR 104 cc grip on it. Comes with a Scotty headcover. PRICE: SOLD 3. Scotty Cameron Studio Select Newport 2. Measures 34 inches and has a very worn Super stroke grip on it. Will come with a random blade cover. Price: SOLD 4. Set of KBS C-Taper 125 S+ 4-PW shafts. Play 1/4” over standard. So here is the deal with these. Bought a set of irons on here that came with these shafts in them. Wasn’t a huge fan of them after a couple range sessions so I pulled them and put in X100s. When I pulled the grips off I found out the kind gentleman that sold them to me failed to mention they had been extended a good inch. I don’t think this really affected them as they felt like every other C-Taper I’ve tried. Here are the lengths of the shafts as is: 37 5/8, 37 1/8, 36 5/8, 36 1/4, 35 3/4, 35 1/4, 35. PRICE: $100 $75 SOLD
  4. Join SuperStroke Nation HERE 2. Did you join SuperStroke Nation? Absolutely! 3. What SuperStroke Traxion club grips do you want to win? S Tech Cord Midsize 4. What SuperStroke Traxion putter grip do you want to win? Traxion Flatso 1.0 Red/White/Blue
  5. Looking to move a couple items quick! All prices are shipped and OBO. If you need more pics or info just let me know! Let get right to it: 1. Toulon Chicago -34” -Double Bend Stroke Labs shaft -Superstroke 1.0 Pistol GT -Price: SOLD Taylormade Gapr Lo 2 iron -Tensei White 90 TX shaft -Midsize MCC +4 grip -Price: SOLD Mizuno JPX 921 Hot Metal Pro 4&5 Iron -Standard Specs -Modus 120 X shafts -Standard tour velvet grips -Price: SOLD
  6. 1. City, State: Savannah, GA2. Handicap: +1.63. What do you use for distances on the course? Laser Rangefinder4. If you use a laser rangefinder, what model do you use? Golfbuddy sim L105. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Absolutely!
  7. 1. Index: +1.6 2. Right Handed 3. Callaway jaws 50*, PM grind 56*, pm grind 62* 4. The new mg3 wedges look amazing and I really want some of that raw face in my golf game. There is a reason the top players in the world trust TM wedges to throw darts! 5. yes, I’m only 3 hours from both sites! 6. yes 7. ABSOLUTELY! It would be beyond a dream come true!
  8. Got a full lot here today folks! Let’s get right in to it and like always, prices are PayPaled & shipped! Here is a list so you don’t have to scroll all the way through: 8. Sterling One Length 4-6 iron heads 1. Cobra Radspeed 9* Peacoat Colorway. Fujikura Speeder Pro Xlr8 71 Tour-X. Used for a handful of rounds and range sessions. I believe it’s 45” with a MCC +4 midsize grip. Adapter is an older one but I can throw a new one in with it. SOLD 2. Scotty Cameron Big Sur Armlock Experiment. 40”, 76 Lie and 5 Loft. Jumbo max 17” grip with the flat side punning parallel to the face. SOLD 3. Taylormade RAC TP MB Irons. 3-GW. Shafted with Dynamic Gold X7 shafts. The GW is unshafted right now but a have an X7 shaft to put in it. MCC +4 midsize grips with 3 wraps. Irons are in incredible shape (one faint sand mark on the toe on the 9 iron) for their age and are probably the easiest blades to hit! SOLD 4. Edel Torque Balanced putter. Got fitted for this tried and tried to make it work but could never get it down. I can get specs upon request. Slight finish wear on the sole and one small spec of paint flaked out of the sight line. $150 $125 $100 SOLD 5. Sim Max 3 Hybrid. 19*. Shafted with an Aldila NV 85g X shaft. MCC +4 midsize grip. Two very small spots on the top line. Personally I didnt notice them from address but everyone sees things different. Hardly used as no matter what I try I’m not a hybrid guy. SOLD 6. Project X LZ handcrafted driver shaft. 6.5 flex and 71g. Has a callaway tip, MCC align grip and plays about 45 inches installed. $50 OBO SOLD 7. Titleist TS2 21* hybrid head. Pics really show all here. Head was hardly used at all. SOLD 8. Sterling One Length Iron Heads. 4-6 iron. Tried these in a one length set and just couldn’t get the hang of them. They’re hot off the face but a little too offset for me. All three for SOLD pin 4/30
  9. I recently came upon an Accra TZ5 55 gram X stiff driver shaft and became very interested in playing a lighter and stiffer driver shaft. I currently play a hazrdus yellow 76g 6.5 shaft (swing speed in the low to mid 120s with a Rory-esque tempo) I tipped the Accra an inch and threw a tip on it and to say I was impressed with the results would be an understatement. Just curious if anyone else has tried this and gotten good results or not so good results!
  10. Just one set of Apex Pro irons up for sale today! Set is 4-AW with TT R Flex Elevate shafts and tour velvet grips. These irons have only seen a handful of range sessions and 3 rounds of golf. They have minimal signs of bag chatter and have a ton of good shots (and a hole in one or two) left in them! Price is $800 $750 SOLD shipped and paypaled. If you need additional pics let me know!
  11. Looking for a quick sale here. All prices are shipped and PayPaled! Let’s get these clubs a new home! 1. Titleist T-100 5-PW. DG Tour Issue AMT White S300 shafts and golf pride 360 grips. Used for 1 round and 2 short range sessions. $725 SOLD 2. Callaway 18* UT. Tensei Orange 90 TX with a tour velvet align grip. Has some lead tape residue that I’ll clean off before shipping. $200 $185 SOLD
  12. In the market for 2 new wedges 56 and 60-62 range. I really want to get a hi toe but I cant decide which one. Ive hit the TM Hi Toe and its okay, I hit the original PM Grind and liked it but had mixed results with the new one, and I havent tried the new Wilson Staff Model HT wedge (any testimonials?). Any input would be much appreciated.
  13. Just trying to clear some space for the driver of 2021 that dethroned these beasts. Hopefully these can move pretty quick! All prices are shipped, PayPal’d, and OBO. If any additional pics or specs are needed feel free to ask! Onto the goodies.... 1. Taylormade Sim Max 9* Head (Used for a couple rounds and 5ish range sessions)— $250 OBO SOLD 2. Callaway Mavrik 10.5* (Used for a couple range sessions and 2 rounds) — $250 $225 SOLD 3. Graphite Design Tour ADDI 6s Driver shaft w Titleist tip and TV 360 grip—$125 OBO SOLD 4. Titleist 718 TMB 2 Iron with maybe one of the hottest shafts out right now...a Mitsubishi MMT 125 TX utility shaft! Thing is stout and you can hit some missiles with it. Just didn’t quite fit into my bag like I wanted it to—$175 $150 SOLD
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