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  1. Hey guys, I’m relatively new to Memphis area (moved here with my wife) and would like to explore some of the private clubs in the area. Anybody here a member of some of the clubs that wouldn’t mind having a playing partner sometime? I’m a 6 handicap and enjoy meeting new people to play with.
  2. Anybody with connections to Chambers heard anything recently? I know they mentioned March as the opening date just curious if they're still on track/ahead of the game? Based on the weather this past week I can imagine we wouldn't be playing until late Feb anyways.
  3. Anybody here a member at TCGC that would be willing to have a guest join them? I’ve lived in the Greater Tacoma area my entire life and haven’t ever gotten the chance to play there. I’m currently at a 7 handicap and would love to have a chance to play it finally.
  4. Where is the best practice facility you've seen in Western Washington? More than just your typical range and small chipping/putting green. Maybe a short game area or two with some bunkers. A good example I can think of would be down at Salish Cliffs with their practice areas.
  5. Great photos conceptDawg, I lived in Logan for 4 years attending USU and was able to volunteer two years ago at Thanksgiving Point for the Web. Earned myself a free round there and there are quite a few long holes from the tips. Love the extremely elevated par 3 fourth hole.
  6. I played it on March 10th and it was in fairly good condition. Wow! Great photos. Looks pretty good for March after a lot of rain. I miss playing Chamber's might have to get out there soon.
  7. That's a pretty cool idea. You could even do more than one table if the living room is big enough.
  8. I've been collecting yardage books from courses I've traveled to play over the years and plan to keep doing this. Been trying to think of a way to display/keep these yardage books all together and neat. Anybody currently doing something or anyone ever seen good ideas for this? I've got an idea of getting those clear page size sleeves that go in a binder almost like a photo album but I'm curious if there's anything else out there. Thanks guys
  9. Anybody have any suggestions for some good range and practice facilities in the Vegas area? We're going down next month to play a few rounds but want to get some practice in and shake off the rust the day we get there. Looking for some grass tees and a decent short game area. Thanks!
  10. I'll be wearing the LC4's this year. Couldn't help but scoop them up off clearance.
  11. We were also looking to see if Reflection Bay lives up to the hype. Any locals have suggestions and any recent course conditions?
  12. The GolfNow coupons also bog you up at DP. Played a 5 1/2 hour round there in March last year behind some drunk knuckleheads doing sand angels in the bunkers...
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