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  1. Carpet rolled only, comes with hardcover. $200 obo (no trades).
  2. The Toe and the Moose knuckle are gone. Lets get the Clevelands sold, sweet set of wedges if you need more of a mid bounce.
  3. I’d like to keep both sets together. All stock LLL and stock shafts. No trades please. $180 for the Cleveland’s Used about 6 rounds. I need more bounce (should have listened to my gut). Both are mid bounce. 54&58. $OLD for the Camel Toes. Used half a season. The 58 is big foot which is bananas out of the traps. pin 7/29
  4. First up is a MG2 TW wedge 56 all std. There is a minor issue with a spot on the sole (plating chipped off). I have no idea how, I don’t hit off cart paths or anything. $OLD Mizuno 921 HM Pro 4-GW all std with PX LZ 6.0. Awesome set of irons that I may regret selling. I just installed MCC+4 tour velvet grips. $775obo No trades Everything is OBO pin 7/26
  5. there was one 35in on the floor. No Slant necks though.
  6. Standard specs. 56 is brand new as you can see, the 60 saw about 6 rounds. Retail is $400+tax. $300obo. No trades.
  7. Picked one up at my PGS SS, feel was phenomenal.
  8. My PGASS had them on the floor. Awesome feel.
  9. You'll want to avoid the south and west side unless you have a death wish. Be smart and be careful walking at night. The good news is we're at a record pace for murder and car jackings, so there's a good chance they can't keep it up at this pace into June. The bad news is as the temperatures climb the more people go buck wild, so they might.
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