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  1. You'll want to avoid the south and west side unless you have a death wish. Be smart and be careful walking at night. The good news is we're at a record pace for murder and car jackings, so there's a good chance they can't keep it up at this pace into June. The bad news is as the temperatures climb the more people go buck wild, so they might.
  2. Driver head/head cover. $OLD DHY gamed about 6 rounds. $OLD Srixon ZX7 5-AW (skip the waiting line) Modus 120S with MCC+4 grips, STD L/L/L. $OLd No Trades at this time. pin 4/28
  3. Off the driver this may be the longest ball I've ever played, easily.
  4. 3 and 1/2 dozen Tp5X $115 Callaway Epic Max LS 9.0 head only. Has a little nick on the underside near the weight track (see photo). Not visible at address. $OLD!!!!
  5. All items are OBO. No trades. Zx-7 4-PW irons: Skip the waiting line. Std LLL with Modus 120s Gamed one round. I just regripped with GP Tour Velvet +4 grips. $OLD 35in Spider EX Flow neck. Only carpet rolled. I’m putting to well with my phantom to mess around. $OLD TM SIM titanium 3wd. Diamana 75s shaft. $OLD TM SIM Max Rescue. 19* with Ventus 7s $150
  6. Stiff shaft, Orange Tensei would be ideal.
  7. Everything is standard. Sorry, when you play everything standard you forget others might not. lol
  8. I mean a dry towel can do the trick, even if you worked up a lather.
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