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  1. Not to be cliche but the game really resonates with life and all the sh*t that happens to us. It's solely on you to process what you have to do to get to where you want to be.
  2. You brochachos are great! Thanks for the positive comments!
  3. I had a 1 and a 9 on my scorecard today. No joke. First HIO ever on hole 6 and then made a quad on the par 5 13th.
  4. I had a rather uninspiring round going today until I reached the par 3 sixth hole where a foursome was letting my friend and I play through them. I grab a six iron for the slightly downwind shot of 184 yards to a middle flag. We always joke about playing through in style with good shots because 90% of the time it is anything but. The ball took off and never left the flag and the 4some of guys were all over it cheering it on once the ball reached its apex. The ball came down about 3 yards in front of the flag as one of the guys was yelling "go in!!" and it released forward and disappeared. It w
  5. Hangover. Played on Sunday and couldn't think straight. It was also probably one of the worst days ever on and around the green. Absolutely zero feel.
  6. I'm loving the look as well. Like previously mentioned, I too am hoping these have a smaller profile than previous offerings. My sm4 60* is getting old
  7. I went through a stretch this summer where I couldn't get myself focused enough to care about the round I was playing. I was just teeing it up because I didn't have anything else to do in the afternoon after work and since I'm a member at the course I would just stroll on out and knock the ball around. I am over that woman now though and back to playing the golf I know I am capable of and feeling the drive that I had before. I have played some great golf the last 1.5 months and since I live in the southeast my season doesn't really end. However I am not looking forward to the time change and d
  8. Guy in pro shop: " I made 6 birdies today and still shot 76. Can you believe that?!?!?!" Guy behind the counter : "yea. I can."
  9. I think you are doing the right thing enjoying yourself first and foremost. You just have to find a way to reset and focus for the time it takes you to plan and hit the shot you have at hand.
  10. I love my bio cell pro with the elements chrome shaft and have no desire in looking for a new driver until this one bites the dust. I bought it with the d+72 and I agree that it is a great pairing as well. I get a slightly more pleasing ball flight with the elements chrome but both are low spin bombers with an unreal amount of forgiveness.
  11. I'm a member at a local muni and play the majority of my golf there since it's 5 minutes from home. It's an old course (1926 Donald Ross) that can be overpowered if you can hit it fairly deep and there aren't very many hazards. But the old guy knew how to design green complexes that stand the test of time if you miss in the wrong spot. That being said, I will switch up the tees I play or play different clubs off the tees to keep things from getting stale. 1 years green fees only cost $800 and its a very easy walk and I only have to play 44 rounds to break even. I normally play enough to meet t
  12. Usually I curse and talk to myself in a belittling fashion. Then dig out another golf ball from my bag.
  13. I like to do this from time to time as well. I'll also take my woods and driver out of the bag and play from my usual tees when I want to work on my iron game.
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