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  1. If I PayPal you this morning, could you get it in the mail today? Have a tournament on Monday.
  2. I got fit and built up a set of clubs that matched me... Also the neverending cycle of money flying out the door did it for me. I even when back to my old TA 845s with new shafts, nothing else fit me as well. Only have 1 last thing to buy and thats a shaft for my 3w that matches my driver and hybrid specs.
  3. Hey guys, I just picked up a versa sabertooth tank with the metal x insert. I’ve been playing the odyssey pro black milled for a couple years and there is a stark difference in sound (as I expected). Do any of yours have a hollowish, metallic “ting” to it, with a very slight vibration even on center hits? I’ve played with the insert and it doesn’t seem loose. I expected to have a more solid feel and sound to the putter with the weight of the head and the metal insert...
  4. A scramble is just a chance to get out on the course, have some fun with buddies, and not take it too seriously. I play in them a few times a year and they are some of the most fun we have. Good natured ribbing, long drives, snake some putts. Have a little fun brother, it's not all about trying to qualify for the tour. Enjoy some buds (and your friends too), and get out there! If you really must bring the competitive into it, just try to beat every other person in the group with your shot, the more balls of yours you use, the better the round you played. There, fixed it for ya! ;)
  5. Thanks for all the suggestions guys, I found a Nike engage dual grind raw wedge in the open box at Global Golf and decided to give it a try. At $32 shipped it was worth a flyer. This thing is great! I've played 4 rounds with it and the consistency has been really good with the extra weight of the head. The dual grind is also a plus when you need a more workable club!
  6. This was a driver fitting at the beginning of the year, I've dropped 50+ lbs since then and gained a bunch of muscle. Swinging about 5mph faster now, but haven't had a chance to get on Trackman since then. My optimal launch is around 12* and I tend to let it get a little too high and lose distance.
  7. I can only speak to this release as I've never worn this brand in the past. However, after two rounds... totally surprised by how much grip the originals have. Felt like I was wearing spikes with how well my foot kept grounded. I think how low you stand off the ground helps in these. Reminded me of how well the TW15 feel. Like they sink into the turf just a touch for grip. These things also stayed incredibly well tied through the round. They are comfortable. The fit is a little wide tho. I feel like if I wear I second layer of sock it would fit snug like I want it to. Great shoe and worth
  8. These new model Hoofer bags are awesome. So much room, easy to adjust, full dividers, strong zippers, and only 5lbs! My dad has had a couple different hoofers over the years, and I've been jealous. Hopefully this edition hangs on for quite a while! I'm also impressed by the little things like the cart strap loop and the zip off ball compartment so it can be customized. The color doesn't hurt my feelings either! ;)
  9. Sorry to hear about the back pain, From a professional standpoint, I see these cases quite frequently. They can USUALLY be managed conservatively (without surgery), but it depends on the degree of stenosis and the grade of slippage from the spondylolisthesis. I would caution you against the reverse crunch motion (also known as McKenzie extensions) as this is something that can potentially further shift the spondylolisthesis. Was it a vertebral shift with an associated pars fracture? Depending on several factors (some of which are listed above), I usually start with these options (obvio
  10. I'll check out the piper C. The #5 is too big and round to fit my eye, I have swung it before and it just feels and looks awkward to me. Stupid I know, but hey, this game is played between the ears.
  11. FREESHIP199 if you spend that much. Just ordered today and Honey only found that one as well.
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