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  1. Are you selling bag and putter or just the bag? Thanks
  2. How to contact a buy that is selling an Item?? Thanks
  3. [quote name='Willetfarha' timestamp='1396316148' post='8991003'] A few things to post. All the listings are in my hand and ready to ship. [b]Not interested in trades!![/b] I want to move this stuff because I need to make way for new stuff. 1. Taylormade Tour Preferred MC 4-PW [b]SPECS:[/b] Stiff KBS Tour Shafts Golf Pride Velvet Grips Heads are in plastic Standard Lie Standard Length I won a Taylormade Gift Card for a Member-Guest raffle. I just for these about 2 weeks ago and had full intentions on selling them. I can not give up my AP2 712 irons. [size=8]
  4. Would like to see these could not retrieve them on site. Thanks,John
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