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  1. Sorry CONUS only. I have had issues mailing to Canada before.
  2. Just a few heads that I have either never used or no longer will. CONUS and paypal only. If you have any questions please ask. 1 Srixon ZU65 23* head only - This is in excellent shape, not much else to say on this one. SOLD 2. TEE CBX 4 16.5 wood head only - I bought this on BST awhile ago to try a 4 wood and never got around to putting a shaft on it. There are some uglies on the top line, I am trying to price it accordingly. It comes with a headcover that I purchased seperate that has never seen the course.
  3. I forgot to put that in the ad. It says "Romans 8" and was done by titleist for me
  4. Just a couple wedges tonight. CONUS and paypal only. If you have any questions please ask. SM6 wedges - 50/08 F grind 35.75" with a DG TI S400 and a good condition midsize MCC +4 grip SOLD 56/14 F grind 35.5" with a DG TI S400 and almost new midsize tour velvet +4 grip Both wedges have a lot of life left, these are not even the backups anymore so I wanted to see if they can find a new home. Looking to sell as a pair for $75 or $50 each.
  5. I am looking for either club with at least an 80 gram x-stiff shaft. Let me know what you have. Thanks!
  6. I am looking for any of the generation's of the whiteboard in a 6x or 6tx. Needs to be at least 43" raw. Let me know what you have. Thanks in advance.
  7. I am looking to try out a few x-flex 60 gram shafts that already have a PXG adaptor installed. I am not looking for a specific shaft, rather am looking to try a few out to see if I should move down 10 grams. Let me know what you got. Money will be sent right away if we agree to a deal.
  8. Just the one item today. CONUS only, first to paypal gets the item. If you have any questions please ask. 1. Lot of 8 midsize grips. 1 brand new MCC +4 black and grey - 1 brand new MCC +4 align black and grey - 6 used MCC +4 black and grey in excellent condition. The used grips were used for 2 rounds only. They were on my 5-p and I don't even remember using the 5i that weekend. They were professionally pulled by my builder after I realized that midsize grips still aren't for me. This is my 2nd time trying to like them. SOLD
  9. The speed of the site especially on my phone is vastly improved. I also like the cleaner look.
  10. Need to put a price for the shaft, even if you are looking to trade.
  11. PM sent on shaft. Ill take it if still available.
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