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  1. Right! I am just thankful that the older generation (one of whom recorded this video) had the good sense to get it on camera. Baby steps!
  2. He hit it good today, had a 320 yd drive on a par 5 At 1:00 left it gets kind of funny Enjoy
  3. Firstly did he hit the fairway? Secondly according to who? Unless there was a lot of wind and / or roll it seems unlikely given he rarely drove it that far in his prime. Now he's hitting 350 with a less than full swing and a duff back? Does this mean he'll be averaging 400 when he's back to full fitness? I know a couple people that were walking along with the three of them during the round- also they said it was center fairway. Just passing on info.
  4. He hit his first tee shot at Bluejack about 350 earlier this week during his round with Feherty, Couples, and Mark O Meara
  5. The clubs that are used and promoted by tour pros must be available to us amateur players and marketed with emphasis on "tour use", or else the economics of golf crumble. This, in my opinion, is not an equipment issue. It is a course issue. And really, I suspect it's only an issue to very few people in the larger scope of things. The economic repercussions of a one-ball PGA or limited equipment PGA are staggering. There is no problem with limiting head sizes, grooves, etc because manufacturers are given advance notice and only make minimal adjustments to production processes. But to suggest that clubmakers take a backward leap into banning "hollow clubs" (every metal/wood?) and cavities (maybe half of all irons on tour) is unreasonable from an economic standpoint and an overcorrection to a non-existent problem. Again just my opinions. Cheers :busted_cop:
  6. Seconded. If I am a tour pro then all it takes is one factor. Why would I go play for free in a third world s*** hole and be put up in a hotel with backed up sewer water, at the opportunity cost of missing a tournament where I stand to make 5, 6, 7 figures for my efforts?
  7. All due respect to the OP but removing the brand and model recognition from professional golf tournaments will never ever happen. Losing sponsorship opportunity from Titleist, Bridgestone, Srixon, etc etc is a major hit to the P&L and will never be considered as a viable option for "tuning down" the performance of tour pros. Limiting the brand of ball choice - which is arguably the largest revenue source for players along with clothes and clubs- prevents the players from engaging in free market sale of their promotion for their brand's products. It effectively reduces sponsorship money by one third- assuming clothes, clubs, and balls are the three big parts and are roughly equal in value (I'm guessing here). Next thing you know we'll have a class action lawsuit on our hands, from players instead of caddies- for the USGA hindering their ability to make revenue on sponsorship. :swoon: At a Titleist sponsorship running at minimum $150,000/yr up to $xxxxxx per year can you image the lost wages that would be claimed?? Just in order to pander to a couple of grumpy dudes who are mad when a PGA event is won at 28 under :busted_cop: These guys are good! edit: TLDR tired of hearing about equipment, GROW THAT ROUGH OUT IF YOU WANNA MAKE IT TOUGHER!
  8. Are you kidding?? Do you think the caddy should also point out every fairway bunker from the tee box, and remind his player to "not 3 putt" or "get the yips" on the greens?? "Let's make sure this doesn't go short" is the last thing a caddy should be saying to his player on a par3 teebox covering water. The water shouldn't even be brought up. "Break a leg!!" Edit: that came off strong- yes a player and his caddy should be aware of where a bad miss is. But at the very most in this situation I think the player would like to hear "a long miss won't hurt." But then again I pay my caddies by the round, not out of tournament winnings :rofl: Cheers
  9. Played Harbour Town in mid March. Our caddy said the greens were just "redone" (in Feb?) and he noted that they were still very "bouncy." Said they were running at about an 11 at the time. Hope they chopped down some trees or I'm going back with a chainsaw...
  10. The 2006 Scotty Cameron circa 62 blade. Only wish I knew how to take care of it when it was handed down to me.
  11. Thought about pulling the stock and going Modus or Ctaper. Good to hear feedback FWIW I have Nippon 950 GH in my 545/745 combo set. Smoothest iron shafts I've ever hit. I am on the steeper side and take moderate divots and hit a straight draw. I am not sure if they came stock, because i bought my set used from a big box store.
  12. Just closed the deal on the 51 and 57. Much appreciated, thanks for the assist!
  13. Here (choose AW): http://global.rakute...item/1408-adqg/ Pic: So thats a SW but there is also a 51* wedge. Just search rakuten. MY MAN
  14. Sales wouldn't be declining if yall would ho harder. Very disappointing :tongue:
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