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  1. Not exactly sure what you are asking. A pro with a 9 iron beats an Am with a 9 iron 10 out of 10 times.
  2. I focus on the exact part of the ball I want to make contact with, down to the dimple. Even though we know that technically, the time of impact cannot be visualized, I'm still focused on that point as though I do, till the ball leaves the club face.
  3. Thanks. Probably not great. Lol. Between school, moving (bought a new house) and Covid, I haven't hit a ball in months. Just about settled in and looking to get back. We have an out building on the property and I've started setting up my launch monitor/indoor range, but thats it so far.
  4. Understood. I'm just saying I don't think it scales that way. A pro with an 9/8/7 is not equal to an Am with a 9,P or even wedge. IMO
  5. When your game is off and you still put up a good numbers.
  6. Geez, either too long or too old to recall. ? I actually joined, quit and had to rejoin. So, yea, it's been a bit.
  7. PGA courses, generally only run at "PGA" speeds for a couple weeks at a time, at most.... and it takes weeks to get them there. Cost, labor, wear and maintenance would be beyond prohibitive IMO on anything close to a public/semi private course.
  8. This me . Mid 50's and grey. ? ~6' and 190
  9. To use "Pros" as a guide, you'd need to play tees that put your approach shots well inside them (Pros) to even be close to an applicable guide. To be honest, I'm not sure it scales that way.
  10. Golf/Tennis Membership... ~$2k Custom Pool cues... $2-$3k+ Custom Guitars/Amps...$3-$5k+ Boats $30K+ Hotrods $50K+ So many ways to die broke.
  11. Congrats! Technically got me by year. This is my second account, no idea what the original join date was though.
  12. Hopefully I'm not guilty of that too often, but I do tend to take breaks, often for months at a time. Ask for browsing the Forum, I usually go to Notifications first. But then I usually go to new posts. It's a crapshoot after that, now with this new format I don't know where I am most of the time. LOL.
  13. Boating, Classic Cars, Guitars, Watches, Golf.
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