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  1. I don't usually respond with the number. The people who know me...know me, and people who don't don't understand it anyway.
  2. Make it unlimited but you have to carry your own bag.
  3. Why does it matter what other peoples yardages are? It doesn't matter where you fit in the 'average'.
  4. Well...it was my whole life for a while, 100% and it's always been a constant. When I was very young, the eldest brother of a close friend was fanatical about golf, went on to play college and then as a respected teaching Pro. At that time he was very influential and spurred my interest in the game from that young age. My family life was tough, to put it mildly, golf got me away from that all through middle and high school. Played Varsity golf since around 8th grade. Left home around 16 years old and went on the road to play golf, which I did into my 20's and early30's.
  5. Well I think that it is that is pretty rare for most people to be able to use an entire golf course as a range. so yeah and that case, it might be a tad bit more beneficial. LOL. I'm not sure anybody would consider that scenario a valid round of golf versus Range time comparison.
  6. Can't really tell you anything without seeing the x-rays and the completed surgery. Would depend on how distal and if it's properly reduced. Otherwise I would expect a full recovery if you have a good surgeon. Source: I work in surgery virtually every day.
  7. 72, probably. But that was back in high school, we would play 2 rounds before lunch and then two after. Probably a couple hours per round, walking. Nowadays if I could, I wouldn't. I generally find that if I over play or over practice I start burning in bad habits or grooving a tired swing. Generally not a good long-term strategy imo.
  8. I've seen that quite a bit actually. I've also seen curbs send one back, the tire on the cart, trees, ball washer lol.
  9. Generally I don't really care, but it is difficult if there was a huge span between skill levels in a group. Depends a little bit on what I'm trying to do out there that day, and it actually works both ways. In my experience, most higher handicaps are not comfortable playing with much better golfers.
  10. I'm not a big hat guy anyway but here's 2 with some meaning... NBC Sports hat was an employee's hat. I'm playing a tournament ages ago, partner hits a great shot on a Par3 with a tucked pin and a hurting crosswind. I say (jokingly) that I'm putting one inside that. Spotter says BS, and he'll eat his hat if I do. I did. Lol. And he tossed me the hat. (they are supposed to be hard to come by, IDK) The other is my FSGA committee hat. Just a fun time being apart of that for a time.
  11. It's all about consistency but the "rare low score" comment sounds like pure sour grapes. It's takes 18 holes of consistency to shoot a really low score. And it also shows potential, it's not like one is getting lucky 60 or 70 shots in row. I don't think "anyone" can just do it. It's just that long term consistency requires more coverage area then just the swings in a single round of golf. Some of those things may even be outside of ones mean to control. IMO, historically, there are two types of golfers. The rocks that produce pretty consistently over time and the rubber bands that are up and
  12. Updates did it for me, Seems like there was at least a few. Not so much of a frustration but more that it seems like you lost everything profile wise that was there before, followers/friends/likes/etc... And there was a definite decline of the OG members and content. I'd check in after days often and same topics in same places. Add it all together and the forum lost its magic, it's sparkle. Participation isn't as inspiring. Seems that's still the case.
  13. Not exactly sure what you are asking. A pro with a 9 iron beats an Am with a 9 iron 10 out of 10 times.
  14. I focus on the exact part of the ball I want to make contact with, down to the dimple. Even though we know that technically, the time of impact cannot be visualized, I'm still focused on that point as though I do, till the ball leaves the club face.
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