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  1. Hit them on a launch monitor. They were fitted in my preferred shaft (Modus 105 S) so that made it much easier to get an accurate impression. They are as good as TXG's review said. Feel was great, ball speed was as good as any other hollow iron. This is the first Honma product I'm seriously considering. My only gripe is they do look too chunky in the scoring irons.
  2. I love the Modus 105 and I obsess about consistency in shaft feel through the bag. I really hope this makes it into a few OEMs as no upcharge options.
  3. I've been looking for a lightly used 2.0 with a Modus 105 Wedge shaft. Then they go and get the Z-Z115 from Nippon. Guess I'm buying a new 3.0 instead.
  4. It's very likely my bag will be full Ping before the year is out. G410 woods and hybrids with tour regular flex shaft. The Ping tour shaft is fantastic. i210 5-UW Glide 2.0 56 My old Redwood putter.
  5. I still play MP-18 SCs and I found the 919 Tours to be nearly identical. What really surprised me was testing the i210. I gained significant ball speed from the stronger lofts without losing launch angle or spin. The spin retention blew me away. I love my Mizunos, but I think I need to trade them in for i210s.
  6. They look good, not great. A great relief to my wallet because I can now get a used Mp-18 combo set without buyer's remorse.
  7. I liked the kick on the atmos 5s and the driver has a pleasant sound. But I could not find the face to save my life. Might try it again and fiddle with the settings because I want to like it.
  8. > @GolfChannel said: > i210’s are the definition of “meh”. I love Ping, but those who say i210’s feel great are a good example of convincing yourself something is better when it isn’t because you paid so much switching from an amazing iron in the i200 to a bang average iron comparatively in the i210. I have neither and I found the i210 at least as good as the i200. No idea where this hate for it comes from. I think it delivers exactly what Ping promised. A cast club with a buttery feel - at least buttery out of the center. Off the toe it sounds different than a forged club's toe st
  9. I love the modus 105. I played DG for going on 20 years. I wanted lighter shafts. I've tried c taper lite and dg 105. Both felt very boardy. A shaft profile you like at 130g may feel completely different at 105g. My uneducated guess: less material to soak up vibration. The modus 105 and PX LZ are my two favorite lighter options.
  10. I really wanted the 919 fli hi to be an all matte finish hollow 919T similar to Ping's i500s. Still holding out hope.
  11. Play MP-64s and I want to switch to a Modus 105 shaft. The shafts are pricey enough that I can rationalize switching clubs. I love the SC's look at address and the Fli-Hi blends seamlessly in appearance. If Mizuno reveals an 919T Fli-Hi equivalent in the next couple months, I'll have a tough choice to make. No idea why the SCs aren't more popular but they feel every bit as good as my 64s.
  12. Lots of comments saying it's OEMs taking people's money. I'll defend the tech. It's not easy to build a long iron that launches higher, goes farther, and spins more. R&D and then the cost of constructing a multi-piece iron with face, body, tungsten, etc. Building something that performs *almost* like a hybrid with the same look at address as an iron. That's worth an extra $50 over the stock 3-iron.
  13. Finally committing to the big switch. One hybrid to two. Current one is Titleist 913H 19*. Looking for a 22-23* to replace the 4i. Hit the Titleist 818H1 on a launch monitor. Longer, higher, more spin, and it reaches my target distance more consistently than the iron.
  14. As someone with a slower swing that likes the 919 tour's aesthetic, I want a 919 similar to the i500 so I can play longer irons. No way I can gap the 4,5,6 tour correctly.
  15. Can't go wrong with either. Only thing I will say is it might easier to blend 585/785. The gap in forgiveness between Tour and Forged seems bigger.
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