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  1. Does anyone else find it somewhat funny that he is playing the Hi Bore Monster Driver from 2009? I haven't seen that in a pros bag in a LONG time. What other goofy clubs have you guys noticed this week?
  2. Anyone know what kind of belt that is he is wearing? - Friday, US Open
  3. I have them. They fit me very well and are comftorable, the spikes wore down faster than I thought, but I wore them a lot and for the money, well worth it. I will say I wasn't a huge fan of the way they looked with shorts.
  4. There's a few different good brands out there, I like the Nike Dri Fit the most. However, 5 or 6 years ago Nike made a Dri Fit sock that is still by far the best sock I've ever worn for golf. I have a couple of pairs left. They were super thin, basically like panty hoes material. Not sure why they stopped making them that way, now they are quite thicker.
  5. Awesome, I think I'll order some. Logo's don't bother me.
  6. Has anyone ever tried these? If so were they in good shape? Scratches, blemishes, discolored? If nothing else they'd be good practice balls. http://www.walmart.com/ip/Reload-High-Grade-Titleist-ProV1-2012-Golf-Balls-12pk/22150809?findingMethod=rr
  7. Southern Tide with Ralph Lauren Tissue Chino Shorts or Pants.
  8. Although I'm not a fan of Puma, or Ricky's look. I will say this is looking better than it usually does, and I'd say Sunday's outfit is better than the all one color of orange. Still nothing I'd ever wear.
  9. I'm very impressed with some of their shoes. The rest of their apparel is OK but nothing special IMO. The men's player and slyder shoes are very cool.
  10. Jordan shoes have always been very tasteless to me, in my opinion nobody these days really makes a good looking basketball shoe. Golf shoes have really been cool in the last couple of years with a bit of high end fashion being introduced as well as some very cool casual brands like ecco and kikkor. I don't see why anyone would want to go out on the course wearing something that looks like a basketball shoe, or a running shoe, or anything else that looks like gym wear when they can get that same performance out of something that looks much more fashionable.
  11. Somebody needs to re-create that shirt for mass production. I think the novelty of it would make people buy it, especially around Ryder Cup time.
  12. My vote goes to Arnie hands down. He was like a movie star winning majors.
  13. I've worn both and truly haven't noticed a difference. Last year I switched to pretty much only wearing Southern Tide, which isn't even really a golf brand, I just was tired of the look of the techy clothing, it felt more like I was going to the gym or playing in a basketball uniform. Anyway, we had one of THE hottest summers and Temps in July were in the 100's, now granted I'm in pretty decent shape, and ALWAYS ride, but never any problems in cotton. I can see wear a lot of the Tech Shorts have made a difference to some guys. Especially guys wearing those very heavy cotton twill shorts. However I still found a way to gravitate away from Tech fabrics for shorts, again because I hated the look. Ralph Lauren makes a tissue cotton that keeps just as cool as any Adidas ClimaCool or Nike DriFit. J. Crew and other brands have very light cotton options as well that i found. The last thing was finding a good belt to match, I've found that some light fabric belts with leather tips look best with a natural fiber outfit. Oh and a pair of Ecco's to top it all off.
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