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  1. No you don’t, that is absurd. Luck is an act of randomness. He hit two awful shots directly into the thicket and drew two magical lies. At least two errant approaches bounced off ridges to go close to the pin. Add to it that Speith handed him 3 shots on 17/18 yesterday.
  2. Morikawa with a major horseshoe up his a** today. Multiple absurd bounces and lucky lies after hitting two awful shots into the thickest possible rough. felt like Spieth gave this one away on 17/18 yesterday
  3. The pga was good no fans horrible camera angles terrible announcers no tiger Vanilla course that creates no moments or interesting shots/decisions no top players playing well blows
  4. I miss Johnny Miller
  5. lol Phil back where he had a 10 in 2008?
  6. What a boring tournament so far
  7. Matsuyama spraying all over the field to close... so f****** lucky on 13
  8. Way to butcher the greatest intro in sports with that song
  9. Paul Azinger is abysmal as an announcer, what I would give to have Johnny back
  10. Probably the most stress free round I’ve seen tiger play in a decade +
  11. congrats to you, to 90% or the viewing public it was a fact
  12. it took the air out of the entire tournament. Amazing shot, killed the excitement. Sorry it’s a fact.
  13. I can guarantee you it won’t even make the top 100
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