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  1. Ping Glide 3.0 50, 54, 58 - awesome wedges, forgiving and great feel, lots of life left- 240 obo only trades would be for another set of wedges
  2. It’s in great shape, I gamed it for about a month in the the summer while I was waiting for another putter to come in. It’s been sitting since then. I did have my fitter put an extension in it. I can have them put it back to standard or leave it like it is if you want it at 35.5”. It’s too good a putter not to be used, I just need a little different setup. sold Trades would be other high end putters in a plumbers neck.
  3. Dcmusch

    36” putter

    I’m 6’3 and playing a 35.75” putter, T22 Fastback 1.5
  4. New Custom Byron DH89 Putter, can’t wait......to use on the mat in the other room while my club is shutdown.
  5. Which finish and face milling did you get?
  6. Looking for a little help with some pics of some of your setups. I'm undecided on a few things and have never rolled a Byron so I wanted to get some feedback from anyone that may have some insight. I really liked the look of Patrick Reed's new Scotty with the white line on the top and black line on the flange. Does anyone have a putter like this and could attach a picture from address? Also undecided on the finish, my first thought was tour satin but I'm starting to really the darker finish on my T22 Fastback. Finally I was thinking about the sound slot, any comments for or against one?
  7. Those sets are not an upgrade from what you have. But some new golf shoes if you wanna buy something, the i210’s are legit.
  8. Yes, they have the putter anchored all the way up to their elbow.
  9. Go hit the Ping i210’s. They are awesome!
  10. Y’all don’t know what your talking about. MK Golf is by far the best place in SA for a fitting. If you go in there swinging out of your shoes and nothing like how you play on the course then that’s the problem.
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