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  1. I was trying to get one off my phone, lol, eating lunch and watching the masters
  2. I just left a fitting and was going to trade these in. I thought I would offer them here first, if you want them they are awesome, specs are below. +1/2”, blue dot - 1 degree up 2 degrees strong DG 120 x100 iomic grips - grey couple months old $550 shipped this is when they were new, played one season, I will post current pics asap
  3. Looking for Apex 19 or 21, 4-PW, DG 120 X-100 shafts, 1/2” long. Let me know, thanks for looking.
  4. Great set of wedges, lots of life left in these, just changed my setup. Blue Dot +1/2”: 50-12, 54-12, 58-6 220 obo Trades: Ventus Blue 7x Fairway wood shaft
  5. Ping Glide 3.0 50, 54, 58 - awesome wedges, forgiving and great feel, lots of life left- 240 obo only trades would be for another set of wedges
  6. It’s in great shape, I gamed it for about a month in the the summer while I was waiting for another putter to come in. It’s been sitting since then. I did have my fitter put an extension in it. I can have them put it back to standard or leave it like it is if you want it at 35.5”. It’s too good a putter not to be used, I just need a little different setup. sold Trades would be other high end putters in a plumbers neck.
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