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  1. Loft and flex of the SpeedZone and SpeedZone Xtreme drivers you want to test? 9* stiff/x-stiffWhat is the biggest factor in buying a new driver? Sound and feel with a square/open faceDo you adjust your drivers after buying? Yes if needed but usually just to lower the loft and open the faceCurrent Driver Setup? 2017 TM M2 9* Diamana D+ 60x 44.75" Hotmelted to D3Were you fit for that driver? Self fitDo you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and high quality photos? Yes of course
  2. Was able to order 8.5 and 2x 9.5 from nike canada and a size 9 from golftown. Gonna see if I can flip the other 3 pairs to pay for mine.......never resold shoes before but worth a shot with free returns lol.
  3. Seems like a fun thread.....here's my bag below 2017 M2 9* (set to 8.25) PX Handcrafted Black 6.5 917 F2 15* Speeder 7.2s TS 913H Speeder 8.8s TS Callaway Apex U 21* MP-64 4-pw S300 SM5 54M (raw) SM5 60k (raw) 2008 Callaway white hot rossie mallet 33" (whole roll of lead tape on the bottom lol)
  4. It was wrong swing weight and wrong shaft lol
  5. Ended up returning and reordering my M2....this time at 45.25" to see what they get the swingweight at as they could not guarantee me anything. Most likely will cut it down to 44.75-45 and have it hotmelted as long as the SW is decent.
  6. Juat checked out billy Bob's.....15 bucks US for the weight......Almost 50 bucks US for shipping to Canada......95 bucks using UPS lol. For that price I can essentially return the M2 and get an M1 or Epic instead lol
  7. I may check out the Billy Bob's weights........it's off 6 SW points so wouldn't that be 12g? Not at driver length. The 2 grams per swing weight point is a general rule of thumb, but at driver length you will see it closer to 1.6-1.7 per swingweight point. Keep in mind you will need to know what the current weight you have weighs to order a new one. Thanks for the heads up.....I will have it weighed and also order one a few grams light so I can have the head hotmelted as well.
  8. I may check out the Billy Bob's weights........it's off 6 SW points so wouldn't that be 12g?
  9. So I ordered a 2017 M2 about 2 weeks ago and finally received my custom order today. Ordered at 44.75", D2 swingweight, D+ 60x............received my M2 at 44.75", C6 swingweight, and a W series 60x. However, they called me last week and informed me the closest they could get it to D2 was D3 and asked if this was ok and I said sure of course. I was going to get it hotmelted either was but is it even feasible to add 12g of hotmelt to a driver? Lead tape is definitely out of the question..... Also i've been driver less for 2 weeks now and if I return it to get fixed/ a new one can they fast track the order? Anyone have any experience with their customer service? I am going to go back to where I ordered it tonight and see what they can do but i'm going away in just over a week and need a driver lol.
  10. I did some pretty extensive testing with both the epic and the M2 2017. The regular epic looked off to me at address but the SZ sat much better to my eye. Hit some low spinning long bombs with the epic SZ but my misses were all over the place......loved the feel and sound as though. In the end I ordered a 2017 M2, 44.5", hotmelted to D3, with a Diamana D+ 60x. Did most of my testing with the Hzrdus black 6.5 and it was consistently 2000-2300 spin and very straight while set up at 8.75*. The Hzrdus was solid but I prefer the feel of the D+ more and know it preforms well for me so that's what I ended up ordering. Still have my trusty speeder 6.3x TS waiting in the wings just in case though. Should have it by the end of the week and can't wait to get it out on the course. Numbers with the epic SZ and M2 were very close.......SZ maybe had 5 yards on the M2 on well struck shots but the M2 was much better for me on misses. Both had about 10-20 yards on my gamer 915D2 speeder 6.3x TS but the M2 was just as forgiving and all testing was done at stock length.
  11. I have played a 16* tour issue SLDR mini since last season and love it......it sits open about 3* and is an almost guaranteed fairway finder. 250 yard baby cuts and still pretty low spinning with a 6.2x tour spec installed. I play it at 42.5" and it's been hotmelted to D2......sounds and feels amazing off the face. I play it as a standard 3 wood off the tee.....have never hit it off the deck.
  12. Did you do hot melt yourself? Nah, I had it all professionally built here at Modern Golf in Toronto.....they added the hotmelt, changed the weight and made sure everything was built to my specs. The built my tour issue SLDR mini and 913F/913H as well.....all hotmelted, all D2-D3 swingweight.
  13. 8.5* Set at A1, 44.5", D2.5 swingweight, hotmelted, Speeder 6.3x Tour Spec......pretty consistent spin between 2100-2400, most forgiving driver i've ever played and the hotmelt helped with the ear piercing sound lol
  14. For some reason I can't get comfortable with my 15* 915F......for some reason it sets up closed for me and the head shape looks different from my gamer 913fd head......side by side my 913fd flies pretty much identical distance if not farther and is much more consistent........I really want to like the 915F and it sounds and feels fantastic but I may actually return it and keep my 913fd until the face caves in. Mind you I was custom fit for my 913FD so it plays at 42.5" and was hotmelted to D2.5.....
  15. Why don't you try an 8.5 degree head?
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