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  1. Titleist TSi3 is night and day better than TS3. I have tested the TSi3 driver pretty extensively, and I have owned 2 TS3 drivers, one in 9.5 loft, one in 10.5 loft, and neither of them I got on with particularly well, hence I sold both TS3 drivers. I think a lot of reviewers on YouTube have already covered this, e.g. Mark Crossfield, Rick Shiels, Mike Newton, and TXG, they have all said TSi3 is the best driver Titleist have possibly ever made, and I would agree with that. It's got everything, fast ball speed, perfect shape, and not too hard to control. For myself, I much prefer th
  2. I'm used to using Project X shafts in 5.5 flex, and those actually fit me perfectly. I am using the LZ version now, so shafts wouldn't be an issue. From what I'm gathering, 2018 X Forged is the more forgiving and playable model? I'm just a little worried if it might launch a bit too high, since I was seeing some reviews on YouTube saying they launch up quite high, for a players iron. I personally want something I can flight the ball a bit lower, especially playing in windy conditions. Clubhead speed isn't a major issue. I average 103-105mph on driver, and can go up to 107 or 108mph
  3. Hey guys, I came across a set of Callaway X Forged 2009 irons on eBay earlier on, and I noticed it has the conforming V grooves. These should conform to the post 2010 groove rules, if I'm not mistaken? It got me thinking, how good are the X Forged 2009 irons? What are some of your comments and feedback on these irons? Feel, forgiveness, workability and playability etc? Also, how does the X Forged 2009 model compare to the 2018 X Forged model? Just from pictures, I like the straighter lines and touch less offset in the X Forged 2009 model. If you
  4. I want to see Callaway bring a triple diamond type driver to retail, except make it more upright, a neutral face angle and more neutral bias. Would be interesting have that option to add to their lineup, especially the new Epic driver lineup, if this were to be true.
  5. Coming from my own experience, I game a mixed set of Mizuno MP-4 blades, from 5-PW. I'm similar, in that my iron game is much stronger than my driving. My driving is mostly what costs me strokes, off the tee. I hover between mid 80's and low 90's, depending on how I feel on the day. I've tested the MP-20's MB's, and they are almost identical to my own MP-4's. On a good day, I am able to hit my irons close to pin high with my MP-4 irons, up to about 6 or 5 iron. I feel comfortable hitting either one. I can object and disprove that the MP-20's are limited to sub 4 or 5 handicap, because they sti
  6. Ok, bit of an update. Been quite a few years since I last commented on the Project X shaft, but I've now got the 7C3 in my driver and the 8C4 shaft in my 3 or 4 wood. In the last year or so, I've probably outgrown the Fubuki K shaft, and what felt as too stiff before in the Project X shaft, now feels perfect. I've come to love this shaft by now. Firm yet relatively smooth, and definitely can handle the heat when I give it a lash. Wonder what you guys think? I know it's an old shaft, but it really is a good shaft. How does this compare to the newer generation EvenFlow, such as the Blue, in y
  7. Callaway RAZR Hawk Tour driver and Epic Sub Zero strong 3 wood I got a set of MP-4 blades, and a set of MP-64 as my backup set, but finding I like a combo set of MP-4 and MP-64 the best right now.
  8. I've been searching for a new 3 wood recently. My current 3 wood, the Diablo Octane Tour, I'm happy with the shape and control I have over it, but at standard 3 wood loft at 15*, I feel like I need a bit more firepower off the tee. I'm looking for a strong 3 wood, mainly for use off the tee. I have tried a X Hot 3Deep in 13*, and I found that was too brutal, in how low spin it was. I came across the Epic Sub Zero fairway wood in 13.5*, cranked it up +1 in loft, and in the draw, upright setting on the hosel. (Heavy weight in the back) Instantly felt more comfortable with the feel and contr
  9. More photos of my bag: More shots of the Mizuno MP-4 irons: Also rocking the Callaway Epic mini staff bag, loving the white and green livery. Matches with the black and green of my headcovers
  10. Recently I've come to realise just how awesome Mizuno irons feel and perform. And my bag has had a revamp and overhaul over the past few months. (I'll leave how amazing Mizuno irons feel for another topic) So here is my WITB for 2018. In the Bag (As of 20 May 2018): Driver: Callaway RAZR Hawk Tour 9.5* - Graphite Design Tour AD DJ-6 stiff Fairway woods: 3 wood - Callaway Diablo Octane Tour 3 wood (15*) - Fujikura Motore Speeder VC 7.0 stiff 5 wood - Callaway Diablo Octane Tour 5 wood (18*) - Fujikura Motore Speeder VC 8.0 stiff Irons: Mizuno MP-64 - 3 & 4 iron - KBS Tour V stiff 11
  11. Hey guys, I want to ask if it's possible to add hotmelt into the Callaway Epic Sub Zero driver for bias and swingweight changes? Or would I have to use lead tape? I want to know if there's a hotmelt port in the head, or if I would have to inject the hotmelt into the head via one of the weight ports or the hosel. Thanks, Jonathan
  12. I'd give the 9.5 a shot.. It launches pretty well and if you have to turn it up a degree it still sits pretty square in my opinion. It is by far the best driver I have ever hit. I just got a XR Sub Zero driver head myself, and it sits very open to my eye in its standard setting. Kinda scares me a bit, and scared I'll leak it right, with how open it sits. Did you guys bump it up 1* in loft to set it more square and slightly less open? It sits a little better to my eye, a little bit open and slightly more square that way. I haven't tried it on the range yet, and have still to optimise it for
  13. I've still got mine with a Fubuki K, and with the double cog adapter and tour authentic weights. Gonna be really hard to improve on this combo. Long and forgiving, yet workable, and like the muted sound. Looks really clean as well, which I love. Still yet to find one of the newer offerings that can beat this out as my gamer. Definitely can keep up with the new offerings of today.
  14. Hey guys, I've been wondering which of the more recent driver releases from Callaway would be similar to the FT Tour driver? Ordered one a while ago and took it to the range just yesterday to test, and loving the feel of it, and it's just silly long and low spin. Also keeps the hooks at bay if I need to. Any of the releases from 2015 onwards that are similar to the FT Tour or RAZR Hawk Tour driver? (Also loved that driver, until it broke on me :/)
  15. Ok, from what I gather from this thread, the drivers are called Epic and Epic Sub Zero. Any comment on the shape & profile & what type of players they're aimed at?
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