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  1. I've been playing the 716 TMB since they came out. I used to change clubs every 6 months. Any time I've thought about changing there's nothing that can beat them out of the bag. I play 4 thru GW. I will cahnge my GW to a normal wedge though.
  2. I play 9* driver, 13* 3 w, 18* 2 hybrid, then 22* 4 iron
  3. My vote is for the Adams Super Proto 9031. Bad to the bone. every time I hit it off the tee with someone new they ask what the hell is that thing. Ball speed is stupid.
  4. Still think the MP4's were the nicest I've seen in recent mizuno releases.
  5. You'd be able to play a set of AP1's for a long time. Depending on how much you are going to put into the game you flight may get to high at some point and require some changes with shafts and what not. I'd also say use the set wedges except for a sand wedge which I don't know if they even make a sand wedge in the AP1's. I don't think they do.
  6. I'd like to hit the TMB's, don't think they can be improved on though, but maybe they gave them more forgiveness. Looks like they may have less bounce which I'd love, but the current set doesn't have allot either.
  7. Bunch a balls, new gloves, tees, that's about it. Want to get a new driver and 3 wood, maybe a new set of wedges. Just can't justify buying it right now as I've only had the ones I'm playing for a little over a year. Oh wait, I did have to buy a replacement 7 iron cause someone walked off the driving range with my other one.
  8. I played the Anser's for a while. Loved them, but didn't like the bounce in firm conditions. Swaped them for I25's with the bounce grind. That really didn't help much. lol
  9. Meh, everything since the S55's, G25 irons, and G25 driver is just meh for me. I used to play all ping for years. Bought the G driver last year and should have just kept my G25. No real difference
  10. I've had a few ah ha moments followed by nah ah moments with the same equipment only a few months later.
  11. We busted a guy from a group when I worked at shandin hills way back in 2000. We went to the cameras after a customer said his clubs were missing, we had the guy on camera, and even his plate number in the lot and called the cops. When the cops came to talk to my manager later on in the investigation We found out their mo was outings, a foursome would show up with their bag of junk clubs, and walk off with another that was generally left around during all the pre outing stuff. This guy was flying solo that day. They said they had hit courses all around so cal and were selling the clubs on eBa
  12. Man, that sucks. Cool that they did that for you though, but still sucks having to get used to new gear again.
  13. For me personally I'd never take a driver completely out of the bag. I do have 2 other clubs that are long enough and mostly used for the tee to go to though. Some days I feel confident with the driver and thats all ill hit if there's room, but others i hit either the g stretch or my 2 hybrid which is a beast off the tee. If you can fit another "specialty club" like a driver back up then I'd say fit that in for when your hitting bad.
  14. Unfortunately its hard to trust people now a days. I'm on the west bank of new orleans, so theres that too..... Bunch a hoodlums around here. i know cause I used to be one of them. lol Not stealing, just in general.
  15. Oh man, sorry to hear that. I can't imagine having to do that. Hope you get everything back soon the way you like it and with minimum cost.
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