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  1. This is exactly the set up I’m probably going to rock except I may go with the -1 PXG flat and will tinker with 12.5 and 5 first... I will say the weight forward on these is not nearly as punishing as it is on my Sub Zeros of past. And it definitely adds a little more pop to it.
  2. Awesome write up with one heck of a shaft listing! We are almost identical in that I always play a 10.5 at 44.75 but usually set it a degree lower to open the face. The X+ is launching for me at around 14 with 2200 spin so it’s pretty darn good...but this doesn’t help me not want to try the X at all! I mean, how much more am I going to get out of my swing at this point?!
  3. Makes me excited for my 5 and 7.5 I have coming. 12.5 front and 5 or 7.5 toe set in -1 flat is my plan on paper but so many options to try!
  4. Man, now that video has me wanting to try an X against my X+... Anyone done a shootout?!
  5. Just gonna keep rocking my spider until they release the BA! Then I’ll get one and when we agree that neither putter works for us we can swap!
  6. The more I look at it, the more the Gen4 is growing on me. I don’t know that it could replace my Proto without a toe weight...but I could see myself giving the Gen4 XF a run. I still have my Gen2 XF and enjoy each time I bring it out when my driving is on the rocks! I was about to grab a Black Jack or One and Done but that new Bat Attack looks great. I’ve been seeking a milled 7s for years. I thought for sure the Toulon Las Vegas was it but I just don’t jive with the Stroke Lab shaft. Anxious for more details on these!
  7. Just be careful as strengthen it often adds more offset in appearance anyway (to me). My 3 iron is a Gen1 in black with PX 90gram 6.0. It’s pretty much mint and there’s a pic of it earlier in this thread. If you want it, everything has a price!
  8. I have a 3 iron and just ordered a 5 iron to slot between my 3/4 hybrid and 6 iron so I can switch things up depending on the course or how well (or not we’ll) I’m driving the ball. 3 iron is a tee club only but these utilities are pretty sweet. I also picked up 5 and 7.5 gram weights to tinker!
  9. Anyone here interested in a shaft swap? I have a Accra TZ6 65 M5 with PXG tip that has lost to my IZ. Looking for a new competitor... It plays 44.75” (-1/4” on stock) and has a 1/4” extension it, no tipping to my knowledge. I have all sorts of grips you can choose from as well as additional pics including the extension. If not I’ll just list it with my XF head but thought I’d offer up here first. Hit me with a PM in the next day or so if you’re interested.
  10. The wonderful world of tinkering! I will say in the PX I don’t notice much difference in 5.5 or 6 other than weight. 5 and 6.5 are bit more drastic. I actually prefer the 5.5 in most and they are my favorite iron shaft. And so it begins! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. I’m going to order some weights today too, this thread has inspired me. I have a 12.5 so think I’ll grab a 5 and 7.5. I feel like even weight in two slots will work better than a singular heavy in one.
  11. I play all my drivers at 44.75. That’s my standard I’ve found gives me the beat combination of accuracy and distance. Obviously the more weight you put into that location, the more it moves the CG. So putting 20 in the toe really decreases face closure rate. I’m wondering if I can’t decrease that a bit and still benefit while adding the luxury of the added pop too? So you’re rocking 20 and 3 2.5’s for a total of 27.5? How would you split it up?
  12. No doubt I’m ordering some more weights now. I’m waiting until I decide what other clubs to order because it’s winter and I can’t play anyway. Just waiting for the new bat attack to see if I want that or a blackjack to see if it can unseat my trusty Spider x. I agree the face feels more explosive with the weight up front but my draw tends to become more hook like if I’m not careful. I’m thinking maybe 15 in the toe and 7.5 up front then the 2.5 in the back and heel...
  13. Bringing some serious heat! How did you have the weights set up?
  14. I with you, I liked the Gen2, the proto has won my heart. Also enjoying my Gen2 woods. So...bat attack with a slant neck it is!
  15. Sounds like a great set up. I really wish I would have gotten into the game when I was younger. What a great way to spend time with your siblings! My money is on you, go get ‘em!
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