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  1. That’s the one thing I noted as well. The picture where there is a wood background has the 919 tour in white on the back, the one with the towel like the rest of the pictures does not. I’d ask for a picture of the back of all of them or skip it.
  2. This. Trading is all about a degree of reading the person you will transact with and be comfortable in doing so. To trade I typically require a text exchange at a minimum and more often a 5 minute phone call to get that read. The lone exception was a member that had 5 pages of positive feedback and was extremely responsive so I felt pretty secure there. As Wundej, a highly reputable member, noted higher up in the thread, using G&S of equal amounts is the only real way to protect yourself. In the end, a trade is always a bit of a dice roll so you have to trust your gut. Start with feedback, then take it from there. If they aren’t willing to talk on a phone (I know, really old school right?) then they aren’t worth the transaction to me.
  3. Sweet 2.6, I love my custom one. Good price too, someone should snatch that up quick!
  4. G410 5 Wood, Glides, and MP-15 are gonzo. I thought the Max would be first to go - showed me! Someone scoop this thing up!
  5. **Ready to move this stuff, if you like it, toss an offer...ya never know and the worst I'll say is a kind "no thank you."** Good afternoon WRx! I have a few items up for sale today to fund my Mizuno Pro iron fitting. Rules of my posting are pretty straight forward: My listed price is all in PayPal/shipped to the CONUS via USPS Priority or UPS so please keep that in mind when offering. I am open to offers but asking price will take precedence unless you have already paid me. I will not hold items, those that pay will receive the item. If the ad is up, the item is still for sale. I take pride in my feedback and work to be as honest and upfront as possible, but we are dealing in used equipment and I'm not a club builder. Feel free to ask any questions or make offers, PM for PayPal info. Trade interests are very limited given the upcoming fitting (I require text exchange and discussion before trades will be done): Mizuno STZ 5 wood (18 degree fairway) Fang Style Putter with plumbers neck - 7CH, Evnroll 5V, PXG Bat Attack Premium driver shafts with no tip or Mizuno STZ tip (Prefer Tour AD- IZ, DI, BB, TP, XC) in 6 stiff or x PREVIEW: Ping G425 Max Head Only - Traded (or priced with shafts below) Picked this one up from a reputable member here and gamed one round before I had shoulder surgery. I'm still satisfied with my TSi2 and have an STZ incoming as well so the funds can be better used for my fitting. This head is 9* and has had 6 grams of hot melt added in the neutral mid of the head by a very well respected member here. It comes with both a 23 gram and 17 gram back weight to offset the additional hot melt as well as the stock head cover, no wrench. This did fix my biggest complaint with the 425, the sound. It's a nice solid meaty bang now rather than the hollow ping. I also have an Atmos Tour Spec Blue 6x (plays 44.75") for an additional $75 or a Diamana BF 6s (plays 44.5") for an additional $100. both with Ping tips and MCC+4 grips. Ping G410 5 Wood - $old Another clean performing Ping wood that isn't going to see the bag over my TSi2 so tossing it up here. This is shafted with a Tensei Orange 70 S playing 42.75" (by my measurement straight down the shaft) with a new MCC +4 grip. Comes with head cover but no wrench. Ping Glide 2.0 Stealth Wedge Set - $old Played these off and on for two seasons and are still in great shape. 52 SS, 56 SS, 60 ES with stock shafts and MCC grips. I added the white line on the bottom as I like it to align. Mizuno MP-15 - $old A gamer player set here that has been in and out of the bag. Sadly, as I've accepted I'm getting older the hollow bodies just do more for MY game. I've hung onto these for a while but looking to move them as I intend on moving back to Mizuno this coming season (in some hollow bodies probably). As far as I am aware, these are all standard yet I get 37" on the 7 iron measured straight down the shaft instead of the stock 36.75". I did change the grips to some new tour velvets with Cally logo down on all but the 4 iron because the stock Mizunos had finally worn out. Shafted with KBS Tour 120 Stiffs. Some bag chatter of course but no browning or major dings!
  6. I once bought a driver from GolfPartner and a set of wedges from 3balls the same day. The driver from Japan beat the wedges to my house by 3 days…
  7. Has anyone bought one of these DFX grips? I love them but I’m looking for a grey one like the White Hot OG line as opposed to the black ones, wondering which this is? https://www.ebay.com/itm/ODYSSEY-DFX-PUTTER-GRIP-MENS-NEW-/353406436740?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0
  8. If someone wants the ping shafts and you decided to separate I’d be interested in the 425 head.
  9. Love the head cover reference! A mallet user should snatch that up as Coach Beard says it helps prevent…
  10. You definitely have a type… Awesome collection! Wish that RSX came with the short slant.
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