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  1. I LOVE mine! Played about 8-9 rounds with them so far. The alignment that the square toe offers has helped me greatly in getting my alignment correct from the tee box to the putting green. With wide feet and it being difficult to find shoes to find that fit, I ordered these based on the review of some of the testers on this board and couldn't be more pleased. I have the white with red but just ordered the white and navy because they look and perform just that well. Bravo to Sqairz for this outstanding product!
  2. Did you ever go through with this setup? I play the TGI 80 in my irons and was thinking this would be a easy/similar transition.
  3. When Molinari left the door open on the 12th at Augusta. I felt that leaving Tiger an opening like that was a brutal mistake. Tiger took advantage of the situation and carried the momentum of a 'simple' par 3 hole onto his next Major win.
  4. I went against my hard fast rule of never buying shoes, without trying them on, based on some of the feedback here in this thread. My feet are wide and it's often difficult to find shoes that fit right regardless. These shoes are as comfortable as any shoe I've worn. Despite playing in the hot humid conditions here in central NC, my feet didn't get hot or feel 'swampy' at all. They are very well cushioned and I didn't have to adjust the shoelaces at all throughout the round which is a nice perk. I have to admit that I felt the square toes was somewhat gimmicky at first but found them giving
  5. I put the G410 7W in my bag this year after consistency struggles with the 4H. Seems to be working for me thus far.
  6. Just ordered. I couldn't find width on the website but all indications are that the toe box is a bit larger. Fingers crossed.
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