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  1. Ordered G425 irons on 1/11 and they arrived today with TT Elevate Tour shafts instead of the Elevate 95's on my order.
  2. The Elevate for sure. When I landed on the i80's it was because they provide me with a higher launch like the 95's with the distance control and dispersion of the MMT 70's. My only issue with the 95's was that they are made for deliberate swing tempos.
  3. Over the past year I've played the 0211's with the following shafts: (Yes, I have WRXepilespy) SF i70 R - Results, too light. Dispersion all over the place SF 95 R - Played too stiff for me, felt like boards KBS TGI 80 - Played too stiff for me as well, couldn't get height or distance control TT Elevate 95 R - I got the most distance out of these shafts but with a low kick point and my moderate tempo swing would lead to lack of distance control MMT 70 R - These have worked the best for me. Sturdy enough flex to hold consistent dispersion and distance.
  4. I like the idea of swapping out the longer shaft lengths like tagermo said. I think I'll give this a try as well. [email protected], I picked up the 410 9W to fill in after the 7W as it has become my favorite club in the bag. I have the 4H but have a bit of love/hate with it. Played the 9W the first time yesterday and both of the 190 yd shots I used it on were spot on.
  5. Not with the Velacore. I had Will build me a GD DI to fit my swing speed that has really changed by driver for the better. I play a G410 Plus, and have been looking at the LST, but may wait for the G425 to be released. I will certainly put the Velacore on the short list of shafts to try when I make the switch.
  6. I hit the Ventus Blue and Red earlier this year with the TM SIM. For me, the launch was too low and no matter what I tried I just couldn't make it work. I know there are a lot of success stories with the Ventus line so I may be one of the exceptions. I will agree that Will and his team at The Peoples Clubs are great to work with for sure!
  7. 1. Oxford, NC 2. 14 3. Ping G410 Plus - GD DI 6 SR 44.5" 4. 60G R Black Gloss 5. Lower spin and trajectory 6. Absolutely
  8. I'm replacing my stock Alta CB Reg shaft with a playing length of 45.75", with a GD DI SR Flex with a playing length of 44.5" and want to be able to tweak the SW as needed. I'm not wanting to go the hotmelt route or the lead tape. Has anyone tried this weight set or know anywhere else to get specific weights for the G410 line?
  9. I signed up would love to try the Q soft in green with the monkey!
  10. That would probably help. The Peoples Clubs.
  11. The Peoples Clubs Received 20% off on a GD DI shaft. +1 for a great company!
  12. I'm going to second the Ping G410 SFT 3W. I had similar issues to you with my driver so I picked up a G410 SFT 3W and used it off the tee while I worked out the mechanics of my swing. The SFT is not a 'cure-all' but it offers some help getting the club face in the right position. Some good lessons and a lot of practice will go further towards getting your distance and slice worked out.
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