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  1. @sittingbullI'm not worried about my driver. I have the right shaft and setup. I'm using the Paderson Launch TP XX. Nice shaft. Also I don't live in the states and there are not fitting facilities in the country that I'm currently in. Do you know any good iron shaft options?
  2. I'm not really big into equipment but I plan to start taking golf seriously and I need some suggestions of iron shafts that I might want to try out. I currently have C Taper X-stiff and I hate them because the tips bend and snap. Also even at my swing speed, they don't feel pleasant. Even as an aggressive swinger, I don't like them. My swing speed is as follows: 9 iron is in the 108-110 range 8 iron is in the 112 range but I can get up to 115mph if I step on it( not for course play) 5 iron is in the 116-117 range 3 irons is 122mph range My driver I keep in the mid 130s just for course play and control. Outside of the choice of a hard stepped X7, what options would I choose? Also are there any graphite options? I heard that Paderson also makes an iron shaft that's pretty stiff.
  3. You can also check out Paderson shafts. All the top guys use them.
  4. You don't really need a system. My swing speed with a 45 inch driver is mid 130s. All you have to do is go to the gym and work on legs and core, core to the range a minimum of 3 times a week, preferably spaced out sessions, and hit entire buckets with only your driver. You may end of cracking your driver. You'll get tired but even after a month, you'll see results. You'll see a big jump around months 2-3. People get too technical and look for shortcuts and merchandise instead of doing the workouts. People want to "buy" distance. It's not that way
  5. Thanks for the advice. After doing a little more research, I got another answer from Flightscope and a youtuber, I also reached out to a few more well known Youtubers and a couple people that are sponsored by Flightscope and they confirmed that the device isn't good for highers ball speeds. I have 2 screenshots below. The other people told me off the record so I'll respect that but after confirming with Flightscope, even though it will register swing speed, ball speeds will cause issues.
  6. I actually got my answer after talking with Flightscope. I talked with them and had someone send them some of my numbers from a Trackman. I actually do have a 140 swing speed. When I'm on a Trackman or Flightscope XI Tour, my ball speed is around 200-205. I talked to Flightscope and they recommended a Mevo+ or Xi Tour used at minimum. They said the Regular Mevo won't measure my ball speed because it wasn't designed for that but their higher end models will. My swing if very efficient. I just needed a higher end device.
  7. hahaha. The funny thing is this is kind of slow. When I was in shape, I could get between 142mph-145mph on Trackman for a standard driver and close to 150mph with a long drive driver. I'm trying to get back in shape. So many people have been telling me over the last year that I need to get back into golf because I'm wasting my talent at my current job. When I started getting back into things this year, I was only at 131-132 and if I caught one good, 135 but now I'm at around 139-140mph. I just need a better device. I want to save up some cash and try these mini tours before I hit 30, 2 years from now.
  8. I was wondering if the Mevo+ works with high swing speeds. Are the swing speed and ball speed fairly accurate? Can it measure 140mph+ swing speeds and 200mph ball speed? When I bought the original Mevo, I noticed that it does not so it was completely useless with my driver. I even called and they "suggested" that the Mevo+ might work but an X3 or Xi Tour would be better ( way out of my pricerange). I'm a good golfer and I don't spray the ball. This has been tested on the Range and the Course and the numbers don't match up.Here are my swing speed numbers with the regular Mevo and club specs.Driver Specs: Cobra Speedzone 44.5 inch Driver. Graphite Design TourAD DI 8x ( I'll be switching to Paderson Ballistic XX in Oct)3 iron: Cobra Forged Tec KBS Tour C-Taper ( Thinking on switching to X7 hard stepped)
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