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  1. Cashen is a course where spending the $ for a caddy is totally justified.
  2. I played both courses at Ballybunion and had an enjoyable round at Cashen. Many holes cut out of the dunes…I would play it…
  3. pray to your favorite higher power
  4. Can we have both?
  5. I hope I’m wrong but I think its a setup…the Chief Medical Officer has said cases have to be below 1000 for several days before the lockdown is lifted. We are still over 2000 cases….the politicians are now linking change to case numbers…There is also a 2 week lag between cases and them being reflected in reporting so the inevitable long weekend increase will only become apparent the week of June 7. They will say case numbers are still too high to justify extending the measures…
  6. Lahinch is the leader amongst those three…after that I would rank Tralee ahead of Ballybunion but I would add in Waterville and put it ahead of Tralee. they are all great courses really. Strongly recommend you take caddies on all courses you play. Your day will be much more enjoyable.
  7. finally, a rationale for Ford to keep the restrictions is gone…hoping it may help (a bit)
  8. Golfers in SW Ontario beware. $880 surcharge on the green fee. https://london.ctvnews.ca/opp-charging-golfers-playing-illegally-in-tillsonburg-ont-1.5411020 Best to wait with rest of us…
  9. Saga? Charges to course owners and individual golfers were only a matter of time. Continuing to Open even though charged? The authorities will continue to ramp things up. More patrols, and more charges… The owners attitude and golfers playing the course are only making it easier for the Government to maintain its position to keep courses closed. We will be fortunate to be golfing after the 20th.
  10. Based on my experience, yes, Atunyote is one of the best conditioned courses I have ever played.
  11. Breaking news. In about an hour the Ontario restrictions were revised to indicate courses and ranges can remain open with appropriate mitigation measures. Good news for sure but another example of total incompetence.
  12. Enjoy while you can. Ontario has shutdown golf courses and ranges for at least the next 4 weeks.
  13. I havent had a chance to play Island but know people who have and they enjoyed it. We were extremely well received at the European Club and I mentioned it as an option for you to consider. Long live this Forum...I love reading everyone’s (well pretty well everyone’s) posts... cant wait to be able to travel for golf again.
  14. The European Club deserves your consideration during your time around Dublin. You could play there early and then head west...
  15. Played it in 2015. Beautiful and challenging Parkland course and world class accommodations. Combined with the sw ireland links rota, Ballybunion, Tralee, Waterville, Lahinch, it was enjoyable to switch things up. You will feel like you are home again in terms of style of play. If it is your only trip to SW Ireland that you are planning, I personally would say it is a must play, certainly moreso than Drumoland.
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