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  1. Just ordered the Clicker 4.0 today on their website. Looks nice
  2. I'd suggest taking your bag to a golf club store that carriers several models and try them out. The new push carts coming out are nice. I have an old sun mountain push cart which I honestly feel like Im mowing my lawn after 9 holes with it. Its done. Time for an upgrade. Sun mountain makes nice carts but there are some newer models, brands coming out this spring.
  3. Prefer to walk. I use an old sun mountain push cart which needs to be replaced however. I feel like I'm mowing a lawn after 9 holes.
  4. Those bags look beautiful and have been eying up for some time now. No issues when course is wet laying the bag down? Seen Titleist sunday bag with pegs or something on it to keep it somewhat off the ground but not sure if it does anything. I think I'm going Seamus. I love to walk my course after work and just play 9 so this would be fantastic.
  5. I wish I could test these against my mizzys. Just apples to apples. PXG accessibility not the easiest in the world
  6. I was fit end of summer, Mizuno MP20's. Very nice clubs. Very happy with them. They look good, play good, feel good. However, I've always loved the vibe at PXG and they're vision. I'd love to be a part of this company. Take price out of the equation and I know, thats ALL that has been part of many of these forums. I am not here for that discussion at all. What I am here for is the PXG fitting process. For those of you who own PXG and have been fitted, were you fitted by a PXG Master Fitter and if so was it at an outdoor facility or was it indoors? I think to be properly fit onl
  7. Agree. Love my MP20's but already curious now on the new PXG Gen 3 release.
  8. Oh thank GOD! Paramus is fine but a PIA to get to. E Hanover makes total sense. Open on Sundays and plenty of golf courses, Muni, county and private in the area. About time! Now I know where most of my xmas shopping will come from! As for Golf Galaxy being on other side of rt 10, hey, when there is more competition the consumer wins. The clothing alone at a PGA store is outstanding.
  9. Mizuno MP 20 also with less spin
  10. Agree but wonder why no online reviews from him on them.
  11. Rick Shiels Mizuno MP20 review? Cant find anywhere. Anyone know what the skinny is here. Always enjoyed his 2 cents worth. Loving the new set.
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