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  1. Apex pro more forgiving and hotter than mizzy 221/223? I like my MP 20’s but I’m tired of being punished on slight mis hits. Would enjoy a little more forgiveness hotter face but that beautiful soft mizuno feel if I can get close.
  2. How they compare to Mizuno 223 any idea? Trying to narrow things down now between Mizzy 221,223, Apex Pro or ZX7/5
  3. Who's to say anyone at TXG is leaving? They'll now be doing club fittings in Milan.
  4. Maybe she dumped Red Bull. Who even drinks that crap? Stupid.
  5. Thanks guys. Helpful. Gotta love this game.
  6. Lol. That actually was quite good thanks. The putter fitting was all bundled into everything I was doing w them at the time. This is probably a really stupid question though but in all seriousness, other than a putter fitting, how can u tell if u should be playing a blade style or mallet style when demoing putters? It’s crazy. You can goto golf galaxy or pga superstore, try demo all the latest and greatest they have out. This feels good, this looks good, oh look at these, they’re locked up in a glass cabinet so they must REALLY be good! When I hit them they all look and feel somewhat good. It’s mind blowing when you think about it. Before I spend serious coin on a new putter I’m trying to see if I’m missing something here. Do u guys just test and demo and just narrow down to how many balls are you putting in the cup in a store over the other?
  7. I went through a putter fitting at Club Champion few years ago. After the session in a nutshell was told I should be playing a Blade style putter rather than my current Mallet. I've customized my Mallet over the years, still like it a lot but man, everytime I miss putts its always been in the back of my mind since the fitting that maybe I should change over to a Blade style putter. Plays with my mind. lol. Recently demo'd some Bettinardi putters and was wow'd by the look and more importantly feel over my currently Scotty. My question(s) are this. Have any of you gone through an actual putter fitting like through CC or other places, made a change over from Mallet to Blade or vice versa, because of what they told you in the fitting, came out of the whole thing and said yeah, it made a significant difference? For the life of me, I simply cannot figure out which style putter I really should be playing and am curious to know, although maybe a dumb question, how the heck do you really know? How many more times does the ball go into the hole for you I guess. Thanks.
  8. Guy is incredible. Goes from last place at sentry to now 2nd. Coirse record. Insane.
  9. Im more disappointed that Titleist didn't come out with a 2022 Aloha Collection..
  10. Is it true that Gen 5 irons release in July 2022?
  11. Doesn't seem like pro's unless their endorsed by Titleist even play them so who cares. Always see Mizuno or Ping in their bags.
  12. Wait hold on here. Adam Scott is going w PXG!!!?? What!!!??
  13. He’s a great putter and seems like a good guy. He’s not playing well now at sentry.
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