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  1. I believe initiation is around 20-25k but I know many spread it out over 5 yrs.
  2. Mendham golf club is tremendous. No pool but great members and serious golfers. Tennis courts immaculate and good paddle court scene. Clubhouse going through major expansion this offseason. Course is beautiful Good walking course. No caddies and cart fee is very reasonable. Very laid back friendly atmosphere The back 9 is heaven. Quiet and pretty. I hear they have a waiting list now but doable. If the cost is over your budget right down road is basking ridge cc. Not a bad track but it does flood during heavy rains. Nice members and vibe. Does have a pool.
  3. Script on the toe makes the clubs look sloppy
  4. . Makes me now considering not doing anything w my irons for another year now.
  5. So now what’s the story w this line? Nothing changing in 2022 on the MB/CB line? Zilch, zero, nada?
  6. Seriously just considering sending my Mp 20’s to Golf Garage this off-season and have them pimp them out for spring. Hell of a lot cheaper (and cooler) to do and then have to deal with the entire script on toe thing.
  7. My local shop said more like January now which means this golf season is over by time arrive. Titleist should have done a better job strategy wise knowing what the deal is with supply chain issues.
  8. looking forward to testing
  9. They ruined this club before it releases due to the script on the toe. They should either not have it at all or put it on the heel and everyone knows it which is why many here are upset w my posts. Sorry.
  10. What’s the story w Titleist now and the MB/CB line? Zero changes at all? Same clubs for 2 more years?
  11. They should pause the release in the US and do a better consumer marketing survey. I just reviewed this thread and if the script is not an issue then why are we even having this conversation here...... Cross field gonna have a field day.
  12. They perform extremely well. Will test.
  13. I think Mizuno needs to put a soft pause on this release. Too many consumers don't like the script written on the back. It looks too busy. I get what Mizuno's "vision" is on the release of these. "Going back to yesteryears...." We get it. Unfortunately they need to listen to the consumer. I'm not going to pay someone extra to color in the script. I'll test the clubs to compare and see what the ball does compared my Mizzy's now. Other than that, too many options especially if these aren't releasing until January. End of discussion.
  14. Being told now shops won't have the new heads in to test and possibly order until Jan 22. This accurate?
  15. I do like the black numbering on the clubs over the white. have to test to compare to my mp 20's should be fun.
  16. I can't understand a word the guy is saying.....
  17. excited to test against mp 20. numbers don't lie so we shall see!
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