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  1. Looking for a cheap 90g or so hybrid shaft that has been pulled for an experiment. Looking mainly for low to mid launching profiles. Let me know! Thanks, Ryan
  2. Looking for a JPX 900, 919, or 921 forged gap wedge. Either full club or head only. Let me know. Thanks! Ryan
  3. Looking for a ping g400 lst 10* head in good condition. Let me know what you have. Thanks, Ryan
  4. Looking to find at least a head or full club in good shape. Ideally hoping to find a 3H but will consider a 4H. Prefer the TP head or tour issue.
  5. Thanks for taking a look. I have a few items for sale today. Only trade interest at this time would be: JPX 919 forged irons, Srixon 585/785, Apex 19, or ping i210. Prefer them to be 1 or 2* flat. FOR SALE: Now for the items for sale. All items are OBO. Listed price includes shipping. 1) Mizuno hot metal pro heads. 4-PW. Heads only. 1* flat from Mizuno. Show minor signs of use, but overall in excellent condition. SOLD. 2) Nike Valor Fly driver head only. In excellent condition. 2g of hot melt added in neutral position. Headcove
  6. I actually found a 90. Was it too heavy? I worry that in the mid 90g it could be slightly too much. How is the 90 compared to your 75 6.5?
  7. How does the GP compare to the BB. On their site it shows slightly higher launch, but from what I've read it performs with a pretty low launch.
  8. Any thoughts on the BB? I'd really like to know how it performs in a 3 wood. Had one in my driver for awhile and it was good but ended up getting fit for an Accra tour z xtreme and haven't looked back.
  9. Typically I only use my 3 wood off the tee unless it's a long long or 5. Otherwise I have a hybrid that I hit into most greens. I like the hzrdus I currently have. But it still launches slightly higher than I'd like.
  10. Hey guys this is my first time to post a topic like this, so if I'm in the wrong thread please let me know. I'm currently looking to replace my 3 wood shaft with a low launch low spin option. After doing some searching I've narrowed it down to the hzrdus black 85g tour shaft, the AD BB 8x, and an older Aldila rip alpha 80x. Does anyone have experience with these in their fairway woods and do you recommend one over the other? My current set up is with the hzrdus black 75g but I've always played 80 gram shafts and the 75 is slightly too light for my liking. Would love to hear what you guys h
  11. Speed rulz sold! Make an offer on the fubuki or kaili. Need to move these!
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