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  1. Thanks for taking a look. I have a few items for sale today. Only trade interest at this time would be: JPX 919 forged irons, Srixon 585/785, Apex 19, or ping i210. Prefer them to be 1 or 2* flat. FOR SALE: Now for the items for sale. All items are OBO. Listed price includes shipping. 1) Mizuno hot metal pro heads. 4-PW. Heads only. 1* flat from Mizuno. Show minor signs of use, but overall in excellent condition. SOLD. 2) Nike Valor Fly driver head only. In excellent condition. 2g of hot melt added in neutral position. Headcover included. $140. 3) Nippon Modus 105 Regular flex shafts. 4-Pw, plus 2 extra wedge shafts. Total of 9 shafts. 7 iron measures 35 1/2”. Wedge lengths are: 34 3/8”, 33 7/8”, 33 5/8”. $200. 4) Oban CT 115 4-PW stiff flex shafts. I purchased these used. The lengths are overall 1/2” increments (1/4” between 9 and wedge), however the 6 iron and 7 iron shafts are the same. I played the 6 with a 1/2” extension but have removed for the post. Lengths are listed below. Shafts have been pured. SOLD. 4i 36 3/4” 5i 36 1/4” 6i 35 1/4” 7i 35 1/4” 8i 34 3/4” 9i 34 1/4” Pw ~ 34” 5) Accra Tour z xtreme 465 m4 fairway shaft. Measures 40 3/8” tip to grip. Has a grip master kidd standard size grip installed. $50. 6) Golf Pride Tour Velvet Midsize grips. 6 total. In excellent condition. $35. 7) Golf Pride NDMC Midsize grips. Excellent condition. 8 grips total. SOLD. 8. Grip Master Roo grips. 5 grips. Standard size. Used for one range session. Removed with air. Great condition. $60. 9) Accra CS1 80g M5 flex fairway shaft. Measures 40 5/8” from tip to butt. Has Taylormade r11/Rbz tip installed. Some heat damage to ferrule. $55. 10) Under Armour HOVR drive woven shoes. Size 9.5. I wore these for 2 rounds. They don’t fit my foot well unfortunately. They show minor signs of wear, as seen below. Priced accordingly. $70.
  2. I actually found a 90. Was it too heavy? I worry that in the mid 90g it could be slightly too much. How is the 90 compared to your 75 6.5?
  3. How does the GP compare to the BB. On their site it shows slightly higher launch, but from what I've read it performs with a pretty low launch.
  4. Any thoughts on the BB? I'd really like to know how it performs in a 3 wood. Had one in my driver for awhile and it was good but ended up getting fit for an Accra tour z xtreme and haven't looked back.
  5. Typically I only use my 3 wood off the tee unless it's a long long or 5. Otherwise I have a hybrid that I hit into most greens. I like the hzrdus I currently have. But it still launches slightly higher than I'd like.
  6. Hey guys this is my first time to post a topic like this, so if I'm in the wrong thread please let me know. I'm currently looking to replace my 3 wood shaft with a low launch low spin option. After doing some searching I've narrowed it down to the hzrdus black 85g tour shaft, the AD BB 8x, and an older Aldila rip alpha 80x. Does anyone have experience with these in their fairway woods and do you recommend one over the other? My current set up is with the hzrdus black 75g but I've always played 80 gram shafts and the 75 is slightly too light for my liking. Would love to hear what you guys have to say about these 3 shafts. Thanks!
  7. Speed rulz sold! Make an offer on the fubuki or kaili. Need to move these!
  8. I have a few of my failed experiments up for sale today. Only trade interest are listed below: 1) hzrdus red 75 6.5 2) graphite design AD GP 7x 3) matrix 7m3 black tie x flex All for my cobra ltd driver, so if you have one with an adapter thats even better. Will entertain other shaft offers if they have the adapter. Now the items for sale today. 1) First up is a used Taylor Made M1 430 10.5 degrees driver head. Face and crown are in excellent condition. There is one paint chip shown in the photos above that I have touched up with paint. There is no dent, just a chip in the paint, nothing that effects the play ability. Head cover and wrench not included. $195 OBO. 2) Next item is a graphite design AD MT 7x driver shaft with Callaway adapter installed. Shaft is in excellent condition and has been used for half of a season. It measures approximately 43.75 inches from tip to grip. This shaft has not been tip trimmed. Lamkin REL standard size grip with three wraps of tape installed. $165 OBO. 3) Elements Chrome 7F5T driver shaft with Taylor Made adapter installed. This shaft played 44.5 inches in my Taylor Made M1 driver. It has not been tip trimmed. It is in excellent condition with minimal bag chatter. Gold Pride tour velvet grip with two wraps of tape installed. $110 OBO. 4) Matrix Speed Rules A-Type 60TX driver shaft with Taylor Made adapter installed. Shaft played 44.5 inches in my Taylor Made M1 driver. Shaft has not been tip trimmed. Used less than 5 rounds with minimal bag wear. $100 OBO. 5) Diamana Kaili 80x Ion plated version with callaway adapter. This shaft is tipped 3/4" and played 44.5" in my XR pro driver. Shaft is in good shape with plenty of life left. Comes with Golf Pride New Decade grip installed. $90 OBO. 6) Fubuki Tour 73x with callaway adapter. Shaft has been played for 3 rounds and is tipped 1/2". Played 44.5 in my XR pro. Shows little to no signs of wear. $85 OBO.
  9. Man I want this, wish I had the funds right now. I'll try to move some items quickly
  10. What was your experience with this shaft? I'm playing the black right now but it's almost a little too low spin for me.
  11. I've heard great things about cally pre owned. Never personally used it, but I'd try to give them a call. I'd imagine they would replace it if they have the same set up available.
  12. Been playing the chrome soft since they came out. Love them feel wise, however I think I could benefit from a different ball with my driver. I seem to get more spin with the chrome soft off the driver and have lost about 10 yards. Interested in the new srixon. What have you guys experienced between these two balls if you have tested them side by side?
  13. Seems to me like someone grabbed the wrong head cover from the tour truck. They just have them in piles anyway. But it is nice to see the players playing what is truly the best club for them rather than playing what TM wants them to. Although it is still the latest model so that may not hold true..
  14. I could be wrong but I believe it is cheaper to buy the postage online. If you have a scale this is the easiest way typically. I've shipped iron sets for $25. Single clubs typically are around $8-$12 for me. As stated above it depends on the zone you're shipping too and usually in weight. The size comes into play if you go over I believe 108" combined length + width + girth. If under this dimension then it's based on weight with the price going up based on ounces up to one pound then the weight is off of pounds. Hope this helps!
  15. Up for sale this afternoon are some great shafts as well as a hybrid. All prices are shipped. Will entertain reasonable offers, would like to trade if possible. Only trade interest are listed below: Hybrid shafts need to measure 39.5" or more. 1) AD DI 95 X hybrid shaft 2) AD DI 105 S hybrid shaft - must be tipped or have room to tip 0.5" 3) AD DI 105 X hybrid shaft 4) Aldila RIP 105 X hybrid shaft 5) Adams Super LS 19* hybrid with any of the above shafts. This is my current hybrid but if I don't have to install the shaft then thats even better 6) Possibly a Project X 8A4 or 8B4 fairway shaft for my r11 3 wood. Must have a the Taylormade tip on it. The picture below is a photo of all the shafts included in this post and then specific photos for each are with the following descriptions. First up is a Graphite Design AD DI 7x fairway wood shaft. It is in excellent shape and has been played for about a year in my r11 3 wood. Comes with the taylormade adapter which will fit r11, r11s, or rbz heads. Measures 41.75" from tip to grip. It was tipped standard amount for 3 wood. Comes with a brand new Lamkin ribbed grip with +3 wraps of tape. $140 Next is another AD DI 7x fairway shaft that came out of my nike covert 5 wood. This shaft is in great shape as well. It does not come with a tip as the epoxy loosened up on me and the head came off. Shaft was not damaged in the process. Measures just under 41" from tip to grip. From tip to first ring is 23.75". $140 Next is a Diamana Kaili 80x shaft that was in my Callaway XR pro driver. This is the ION plated version. It measures 43.5" and comes with Cally Tip and golf pride new decade standard size grip. I believe it was tipped 0.75" based on measurement from the tip to the N in Rayon. However it could be 1" depending on how much the tip adds. If you know more about this and have a specific question for me please contact me and we can figure it out. It would be perfect for a fairway wood based on tipping if you want to shorten, or you can play it as a short driver shaft like I did. $115 Next up is a Fubuki Tour 73 X flex driver shaft with Cally tip. This shaft is brand new and has been played 2 rounds. It was tipped 0.5" and measures just over 43.5". This was my old gamer in my G25, turns out I didn't like it as much in my XR pro and have gone with a HZRDUS instead. Still a great shaft with a very smooth feel. $100 Final item is a Ping G25 17* hybrid. This club plays approx 40". It has a Diamana 82 X-flex shaft. This club is in good shape with plenty of life left. Crown has some scratching on it, as seen in the photos. Has a brand new lamkin ribbed grip with +3 wraps of tape installed. $80
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