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  1. This happened to me i took my scotty cameron Newport 2 in to be fit on sam lab. I made 8 of 10 everything came back great on the sam lab. Took it out to the course and putted terrible. Went back in and tried different models, again the machine loved the Newport 2 . Tried a double bend face balanced odyssey and made 20 of 20. But the machine hated it. So I bought it and have putted much better with it since. Just imo putting is so independent dont always trust the machine.
  2. In that drill is it okay with my head already falling away. Thanks for the response also.
  3. I have been really struggling as of late and bad some pretty bad tournament rounds so I took some video. I have now developed the s-words which I have never struggled with. I float right now around a 3 handicap but looking to make the next big step. Never had any sort of instruction. Anybody wanna help a brother out. I notice a flip with my hands away from the ball and my head swaying away from ball. Also my clubs is not really in line with my arms the club is really outside to me.. Don't really know what to work on. Have watched numerous videos but need more specific help.
  4. They have done models before in limited release(h12, rory,speith, etc). They don't have to mass produce it but guarantee if they made 1500 or so. Sell them for 950+or- they would sell out.
  5. If it was such and advantage to hit the ball long why don't the long hitters win every week. Also why don't all the long drive guys come over and take over the sport if distance is such a advantage. Jaime Sadlowski tried that how is that working out for him.
  6. It's really hard to take a picture of it, but I have seen this in all titleist drivers I have hit. From the ts3 I had and sold, to the ones at the store, to all my buddies that have it. I promise it is in all of them I see it right at the alignment arrow. Once you see it you can un see it. I just bought a ts3 again friday(long story) and it has it.
  7. I have a ts4 has this same bump in it. Actually have a ts3 also and it has it also.
  8. Have you tried the upright lie angle. It has a stock lie angle of 56 in the standard position. My ball starts right of target and goes further right, but since moving ot to upright it is much better. I also hit a draw with everything else
  9. Just food for thought , after 6 taylormade m2's cracked I switched from them to ping . Have now cracked 2 ping g400's and 1 g410. I swing about 115 can get a little higher but nothing crazy. Now switched to titleist, as I play for money and need confidence in my driver that it is not cracked or will crack.
  10. Thank you all for your help! Much appreciated, booking new fitting now!
  11. I need to find a more extensive fitting. Can anyone recommend someone in Texas I live close to Austin
  12. Seems like another fitting is my future. Would it by chance cause a hook with that stiff shaft. When I tried the demo set it seemed to hook a little more, just figured it was my swing that day.
  13. They were the same heads that I tried. I didnt check the length nor the swing weight. I do know I was 1/2"over standard, d8 swingweight, 4 degrees upright and standard grip at the fitting. The swingweight was only measured on the 6 iron after the fitter said this was "the" shaft. I questioned it being a stiff shaft and said I havent played a stiff shaft in a long time. We only hit one shaft well my gamer shaft also. We hit multiple heads but with the Nippon 120s shaft. This was also a full bag fitting and the irons were the second to last in the fitting. We started with driv
  14. I'm not ignoring the data and I did say I hit them in a set and the ball ballooned into the wind. At 5900 avg spin I wouldn't Not sure if hitting the 120x would make me feel better but would like to hit one. The data alone makes me want to be in the Nippon plus I love the feel.
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