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  1. No it isn’t sent from eBay for some reason it says that on there and has for years and I’m not sure how to get rid of it. Do you want me to send the money again?
  2. Please send me the tracking number once you’ve mailed it off. Thanks again rob
  3. Anyone else think the chirping birds are fake? It's driving me nuts.
  4. Ecco Mens Cage White/Royal Size 12. Have a pair of Ecco's and love them. Thanks for the chance.
  5. Rogue Silver 60 gram stiff flex And the 2KXV NV GRN 65 Stiff Wonderful shafts, Thanks
  6. I'm mainly a lurker on the site, but dare I say this post should be in the running for post of the year. Well done.......
  7. You bought another set of irons off Ebay while on the course, after "Not feeling it" with your current set.
  8. I never thought my 910 would leave the bag, however after hitting the Classic at a demo day I couldn't make the switch fast enough. I went with Miyazaki 72 shaft and absolutely love it.
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