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  1. While perhaps not literally "the worst ball", the Callaway Warbird should get some recognition for its longevity in being consistently bad.
  2. I have been playing golf for 48 years. I have never known anybody in my regular playing groups over all these years that when they tried a better golf ball, usually a tour level ball (multi-piece/urethane) ever went back to playing a distance ball for any other reason than price. I have never played with anybody in my regular groups or was paired with that hit a bad shot and said "my tour ball spun too much." Not a single person and I have played on every course from the biggest goat tracks to Bandon Dunes. We are seeing it play out in the marketplace. We just expe
  3. Wildhorse is on my bucket list. Is it as good as everybody says it is?
  4. When the price of tour balls is hypothetically reduced to the level of non-tour balls, the hypothesis is not "is a tour ball better for my game?". The hypothesis is "does a tour ball hurt my game?" The decision at an equal price point is easy, there is no downside to playing a tour ball. That is not me making that claim, that is all of the available data. 1. The "low compression for slow swing speed players means more distance" we now know was a complete marketing scam. It is ironic that most of those dead set against playing tour balls point to the marketing claims exaggerati
  5. 99% of this debate is really just about price whether people admit it or not. If Titleist/Bridgestone, etc. lowered their price on their tour balls to match the Kirkland balls, the two-piece distance ball segment would be out of existence in about 3 months.
  6. Great point about #6 at Trails. The first thing that hit me was that it was very "Un-Bandon" like. I think it is a total shank that you can now see the new lodging while playing Trails. One way to ease the feeling of a crowded resort is to get out of there and eat downtown. Pain the arse during COVID, but it is usually a great move to get away from the crowd. The "music on the course" movement is a total miscalculation by the "grow the game" golf business advocates. The fact that we now have an entire generation who literally can't function without having constant
  7. You can extrapolate your par-3 experience out to other holes. The thin shot, the low runner, or the line-drive are common high-handicapper ball flights. All of those, especially on approach shots are benefitted by playing a tour level ball. In my case, as an average distance player, I often hit hybrids and woods into longer par 4s or longer par 3s. Playing a tour ball that bounces in there and pops on the air brakes on the 3rd or 4th bounce is a stroke saver. With the "distance/non-urethane" balls you often get what I call "bolters" after Navy carrier pilots that miss the wire, the ball j
  8. "Premium balls spin too much so as a high-handicapper, they hurt my game" doesn't seem to make any logical sense.
  9. You might want to go back and read your original post.
  10. There is little doubt that Wayne is exactly who we think he is. Certainly, holding up a sleeve of golf balls as if the entire ceremony is nothing but an infomercial is elite level bush league, but I got it give to him, you have to be a borderline nut job to even think about hatching such a scheme, let alone attempt to pull the trigger. Heck, he might as well unzipped the overalls and taken a big ole dump on the 1st tee. With that said, if one were to pull back a bit, the entire "Honorary Starter" ceremony is really almost a SNL skit or a CPG spoof. Bring out 3 dinos
  11. HM probably speaks English just fine, certainly enough to get by in everyday American life. I am sure he can read English enough to order at McDonald's. It would appear he chooses to use the translator dude for the folks watching in Japan. It eliminates any potential "gaffe" he feels might occur if he spoke English only. Seems a pretty smart strategy.
  12. They better send Rose and Hideki off at about noon tomorrow and let the rest of the field play through so they can finish before dark.
  13. Woosman looks like one of Snow White's 7 Dwarfs. He can't stand up straight. He must be under 5 ft. tall.
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