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  1. I am wondering if they would simply soften the Left Dot up a bit without any sacrifice in performance? At least to me, the 2021 V1 and V1X were "softened" up relative to previous models. The Left Dot feels a bit hard. If they could trim it back a bit, than the AVX could maybe evaporate away? Thoughts?
  2. As a result of COVID, all of our courses have gone to 10 minute tee time intervals. It seems to have made a pretty big impact on speed of play. Perhaps an example of "low-impact" solutions. A second COVID "change" is that two courses that historically have been on the slower side now require "pre-payment" of rounds. In conjunction with the 10 minute tee times seems to have had an impact.
  3. Great idea, in theory. Probably need to tweek a few things. 1. As Ty said, you are gonna have people try to game the system to get a free round. 2. Not sure how you are going to "enforce" non-compliers. Initially, I think a better approach is to market, encourage, and do the best you can to ensure fast play so that your course gets the reputation without locking yourselves into refunds, etc. Everybody knows what causes slow play, it is just that 95% of the courses simply do nothing. You are on the right track about trying to set the expectation long before tee off.
  4. I am warming up to the left dot. And for those that mention how firm it is, you are spot on. I have only used the ball in spot duty, but on more than a few shots I have been really surprised at some of the outcomes. For me, I would describe it as sneaky long. It is my own fault for not doing a full evaluation so that is my goal on Sunday...to play my normal course with the Left Dot all the way for the 18 holes. Wish it came in yellow, but probably a real long shot and way down the road. But not a deal breaker. I would really like to settle on only one of the Titleist balls, but each line seems to have one little quirk for me. The Left Dot might be the one I get married to...
  5. Will the "more flexibility" = "more distance" myth ever die?
  6. It maybe 60% of the format but it is irrelevant and would be irrelevant if it was 100% of the format. Each individual player's contribution can range from 0% to 100% This should not be a hard concept to grasp. You could play perfect golf in either format and still lose the match. You could play crappy golf in either format and still win the match. This is even more pronounced in alternate shot where your partner could literally win or lose the match with one or two shots. You play crappy golf in singles and the probability of getting beat is extremely high. You play great golf in singles and the probability of winning is extremely high, You bring somebody else into the matches and the number of "expected" potential outcomes increase as two more golfers are added to the statistical equation. Nobody on this forum would ever want their job performance, pay, or reputation reliant on a partner. In fact, 100% of this board would demand a new partner or raise holy hell if their record and subsequent pay was continually mediocre as a result of a "teammate". Now Sergio may indeed have the magic potion in terms of team play, but in order to make that claim you would need to statistically evaluate his % of contribution in each match throughout his entire career in order to make any claim above and beyond pure randomness. Likewise with every single player to ever play in the Ryder Cup. You would also have to adjust for a whole host of other factors to find any statistical significance. I suspect if anybody ever embarked on this undertaking that you would see a few outlier players. For example, Sergio won 3 points this week, all with Rahm, the number player in the world. And he got handled easily by BDC. BDC won 1 1/2 points in team competition with....Scott Scheffler....#21 in the world. In terms of Sergio being an exception to the rule, this is never unusual in any statistical series. There is always an outlier in any data set. If you run a simulation forecasting Ryder Cup points with faceless golfers you are probably 100% guaranteed to get a player having the same results of Garcia, as well as Seve/Jose for that matter. You can't have it both ways with Sergio given his singles record. He can't be the overwhelming contributor in a team format, but play mediocre in singles. In fact, his poor singles record could easily lead to the conclusions that he has contributed far less to the team format, not the other way around. Does he not care anymore when he plays singles? Has his single parings been against stronger players? Etc. Etc. Etc.
  7. The only Ryder Cup record with any validity is a golfer's record in singles matches. An individual's record in foursome's or four ball is basically worthless. The only exception is for those teams that have been parterned together over a significant number of matches. Seve's and Jose's 11-2-2 record is probably not random in nature.
  8. Sergio has the same singles match record as Jim Furyk. Seve and JMO both have abysmal singles match records. Europe's strength is obviously in the "team" pairings.
  9. I could see this happening. Oddly enough, the 2021 ProV1 feels closer to the AVX than the Left Dot. Could they "soften" the feel of the Left Dot to slow between the AVX and the 2021 ProV1 without compromising the Left Dot vibe?
  10. Controlling for all other factors, weight training is really the only way to stem the loss of club head speed.
  11. One user's opinon after 36 holes. Keeping in mind that feel is subjective: Much firmer than the AVX. Not even close actually. For me, I thought there was no doubt that it felt firmer than the NEW 2021 Regular ProV1. Not much firmer, but firmer. I am a low spin, low trajectory player with the driver, so I did not notice any real difference between the AVX, 2021 ProV1X, and the Left Dot in terms of launch and trajectory. More greenside spin than the AVX. Not as much as the ProV1X. To be honest, in a blind test, I am not sure I could discern the difference between the Left Dot, last seasons ProV1 or the 2021 ProV1. I suspect the players that will be interested in this ball are the ProV1 loyalists and junkies who are dialed into be able to pick up some of the subtle differences and how that might improve their scores.
  12. Everybody gets exactly what they want from playing golf. Some people win by playing horrible golf, so they play horrible golf.
  13. The only equipment "factor" you will need is to clean your clubs less due to not taking huge divots.
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