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  1. No thanks. I don't think I would practice by changing the "resistance/weight of my club." I would think that could do more harm than good.
  2. For all of those who shouted from the mountain tops "grow the game", welcome to your education in Second-Order Effects.
  3. Thanks Bluedot. I tried a more vertical approach with the Juan Putt putter, but the putter did not seem to be workable when used close to 90 degrees. I have not really tried it with the F-22. I have been practicing at the house after I caught up with this thread and the putter seems to work the same. Geez, what a great putter. I am playing Sunday so I will give it a shot on the practice green and see if I can take it to the course. Good tip with concerning the aiming fundamental.
  4. Jumping back into this thread after a long absence. The discussion of using the F22 close to 90 degrees has caught my eye. So if I am getting this right, basically for those of you using this approach, you are basically attempting to stand the putter straight up and down? Thanks
  5. Pretty good deal on them now with Oncore's Black Friday sales.
  6. Face-On/Side Saddle is a far superior way to putt. The only reason to putt conventionally is because of the infamous "that is the way it has always been done" rational.
  7. Anybody try or solved the YIPS using side-saddle/face-on putting? It seems like an obvious solution other than 99% of people could not get over the "stigma".
  8. For those of you that have experienced the YIPS. Did they or do they coincide with anything "off the golf course"? Could they be a manifestation of other things going on? Just a theory....
  9. Except people do stuff and are oblivious that they are bothering somebody. Everybody thinks they play fast, etc. The "music" is the perfect example consistent with the famous "driving studies". Almost all drivers rate themselves as far above average. Everybody that plays music believes that they play their music so only that they hear it, yet most every round you hear somebody's music. I have played behind a 5somes that were amazingly fast. But most 5somes are slow by the simple fact that they are a 5some. The "well chosen" example of a fast 5some or a 6some cutting across a co
  10. Tiger fighting hand to hand in the trenches after being overrun by the enemy. 3 birdes in a row. Elite level badassary.
  11. I love Cam Smith's resting face expression. It is like he just saw his first girl naked in person.
  12. Given your schedule, a good option is to use a caddy for the first round on each of the courses. That is $500 or so. Reevaluate after that. A couple of considerations: 1. There is a good chance you will get a drencher that will sideline you for a half a day or a even the full day. Yeah, you will play some rain, but it can rain to the point where you are driven off the course. 2. The pull carts add very little to your fatigue factor. They are efficient and easy to use. 3. If you don't get rained out and you are in decent shape, you are lik
  13. I have come to the same conclusion. I play with two groups, 3 walkers in one, 4 walkers in the other. We very rarely have a group of players in a cart pull away from us. We routinely wait for players in carts with space between them and the next group. People are glued to the cart like it is going to be stolen out from under them if they have to grab a couple of clubs and walk 50 yds. I am surprised some even manage to get out of the cart to actually hit a shot.
  14. Yes, coming across Wyoming. I have made the I-80 many, many times as one of kids went to Creighton. Certainly 4Winds and a few other courses off of I-80...Bayside, the course in Sydney, etc. I have been up through Scottsbluff on my way to The Prarie Club. I think I hit some balls on the range at one of the courses. The range was a small lake/pond? Thanks!
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