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  1. If Paulina likes jazz, that combo could bring any man to tears.
  2. He's made too much money, said so himself in so many words.
  3. At least you can't indulge in both on the same day.
  4. I'd recommend skipping the point and shoot and pick up an entry level DSLR like a Canon Rebel. While not as compact as a point and shoot, it's much more versatile with how far you can go. My first professional published work was shot with a Rebel. And if you find that photography isn't to your liking, you can always sell it at not a huge loss.
  5. The T100s have grown on me in a very short amount of time from initially hating them.
  6. > @TheMoneyShot said: > First PXG putter that peaked my interest. Good thing it didn't pique it otherwise your bank account would be upset!
  7. Granted it was never during a year of a major being played on the course, but in the past we've always just shown up midweek and always gotten out. A couple of those times had us rushing up 18 in the dark, but we always finished.
  8. When did Titleist stop offering Recoil Prototype shafts in their builds? The last set of irons I ordered from them were 716 AP2s and although it took quite awhile for the build to be completed, the proto versions of the shafts were available. Any suggestions on the easiest way to get protos into a 718 order before those T100s take over?
  9. > @sdandrea said: > We snowbird to Citrus County on the Gulf side of the state - Nature Coast area. Towns like Crystal River, Inverness, Hernando, Lecanto are quaint, low cost places with lots of local flavor and PLENTY of golf. How are the courses in Crystal River? Used to fly over them all the time but never had the chance to play 'em. The one directly west of the airport in particular looked pretty good.
  10. Course is definitely brand new. Layout is fun. Some quirky holes. But even at the twilight rate $77 (with grass range balls and cart), the terribly slow and sandy greens aren't worth the price, definitely not full boat rate. Once the greens mature and grow in, it will be a good track. Ask for pics, you get pics.
  11. Location (City, State): Daytona Beach, FL Handicap: 9.8 Have you tested equipment for GolfWRX before? If yes, please describe: Yes the Taylormade SLDR Challenge and the RSi1 irons. What ball do you currently play?: Nike RZN Platinum Which color would you prefer to test: White, High-Optic Yellow or Both (2 sleeves white, 2 yellow): Both Since it's still winter, are you in an area where you can do on-course reviews? Yes, sunny Florida. Do you agree to be part of a GolfWRX Member review thread for Titleist Tour Soft golf balls and add you review, photos, stories and updates? Yes Briefly describe
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