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  1. Up for grabs. No trades please Srixon ZX7 4-AW Mitsubishi OTi 100x + 2- Extra Wedge shafts in “S” Flex BBF&Co Rico Ferrules Lamkin ST hybrid grips Std loft Std lie Used less than 10 rounds $SOLD pin 7/11
  2. Trade NL hybrid for NL driving iron 18deg? MMT 105s shaft and Ventus black HB 10x shaft.
  3. So is today’s release only for TBC members??
  4. Just tried the 19’ version and so far so good. The 21’s are on the shelf already! Anyone compare the previous 19’s with the new versions?
  5. Just had my weighed before stripping the chrome off.. 4i- 248g 5- 252g 6- 258g 7- 268g 8- 271g 9- 278g PW- 286g
  6. If someone wants the shaft I’m interested in the head
  7. Thanks for that input. I don’t quite get up that high on a 6i. Maybe 90-93mph Max but that’s good feedback. I’m honestly even thinking recoils. Hit the 95 F4 and F5 non protos yesterday and really enjoyed them
  8. I too would really like this comparison. I have a 7i SS of 87-89mph and hit the Recoils 95 in F4 today and could easily game them. Maybe the F5 would be better suited but i did like the feel ALOT of the F4. Curious how the MMT 95 in S or 105's would compare. I definitely need to make the switch to graphite and it will be in between the Recoils and the MMT's
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