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  1. Let me know if you Have one. Thanks
  2. Prefer F5 flex. Will consider F4 4-PW min.
  3. Thanks for that input. I don’t quite get up that high on a 6i. Maybe 90-93mph Max but that’s good feedback. I’m honestly even thinking recoils. Hit the 95 F4 and F5 non protos yesterday and really enjoyed them
  4. I too would really like this comparison. I have a 7i SS of 87-89mph and hit the Recoils 95 in F4 today and could easily game them. Maybe the F5 would be better suited but i did like the feel ALOT of the F4. Curious how the MMT 95 in S or 105's would compare. I definitely need to make the switch to graphite and it will be in between the Recoils and the MMT's
  5. Currently Have C-Taper Lites in X. Anyone know how the 105tx would compare?
  6. Looking for heads only. 4-PW May consider 902/623 Combo 4-6 902 7-PW 623-M Heads Only
  7. Probably the Hottest iron shafts on tour.l right now, but they’re Too much for me. 4-PW std loft std length .5deg upright Brand New Lamkin Calibrate Wrap +2 BBF&Co Ferrules $1950 shipped pin 2/13
  8. Looking for the 4 iron head to the 2019 CB/MB set. (White line on badge)
  9. Start your 2021 on the right foot 1. 2020 P770 4-GW (8 clubs) OBAN CT 125x BBF&Co Ferrules MCC Align +4 STD Grips 1deg Upright SOLD 2. Cleveland ZipCore 60deg Shimada Tour Wedge Black Shaft BBF&Co Ferrules MCC Align +4 STD Grips $150 OBRO pon 1/9
  10. What’s your trade bait? I have a set of modus 120 pulls a Cleveland Zipcore with Shimada tour black wedge shaft and a few other things..
  11. Putter and stock HC sold Aloha cover: AVAILABLE Galactic Cover: AVAILABLE
  12. Only trade interests is Bettinardi HC’s or accessories Custom MySpider 34” Flowneck. 12g weights. Slightly upright. Comes with Spider X HC. SOLD with SpiderX HC Aloha HC: $100 Galactic HC: $120 Take Putter and all 3 HC’s for $450
  13. I currently game modus 120. Thinking of S400 or Modus 130. What should I expect out of those 2 (trajectory, spin, feel) coming from Modus 120?
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