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  1. I love Wisconsin. Even the courses you haven't heard of are awesome.
  2. I thought mid pines was great. I played 5 rounds last year after the U.S. Open and I would rank the courses I played as follows 1.Dormie Club 2a. Mid Pines 2b. Tobacco Road 4 Southern Pines 5 Pinewild I loved the Dormie Club
  3. [quote name='T-MAC' timestamp='1432173892' post='11598024'] Bear Creek (Hilton Head SC) Long Cove (Hilton Head SC) Palencia (St. Augustine FL) Colleton River Nicklaus (Hilton Head SC) Hampton Hall (Bluffton SC) [/quote] Damn that is a good list. 3 of those hilton head courses are pretty hard gets
  4. Is May River that much better than hilton head national or the the palmetto dunes courses?
  5. That all sounds good just not sure when or if i will be that close to the ocean course again
  6. [quote name='CheckJV' timestamp='1431972180' post='11579982'] From Intellicast.com [/quote] Thanks for this
  7. So should I try to do a day trip to Kiawah Ocean? Just looked at rates for May River is it worth$280?
  8. Any suggestions on other courses to play in the area? Have you played May River. I have also heard good things about Colletion course. Thanks
  9. So are there good deals in Cabo right now? My wife has talked about taking a trip and if the deals are good it would be worth it to go.
  10. What should I expect for weather conditions? I will be there November 18-22. My goal is to play Harbour Town and I will have 2 other open spots. What are the courses I should look at playing? Is Long Cove a pipe dream? I am hoping this is a descent time of year to head to the area. Thanks for any help you can provide.
  11. So how does someone get on at National golf links of America? Write a letter? I am just beginning my quest to play the best courses. Any tips would be great
  12. Played twin lakes in canton. Loved the course.
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