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  1. Just a suggestion, take a picture with the receipt. It'll help calm some fears.
  2. All sold. As a package to scottyallenb. Thanks to those who inquired.
  3. [quote name='dfreshley' post='834124' date='Dec 22 2007, 05:23 PM']I'll take the 904... Send an email addy for paypal. Thanks[/quote] I have someone who has spoken for it, and waiting for the length. If he passes its yours. And All PMs returned.
  4. Sorry the attachments are a little screwy. But at least I have pictures, haha.
  5. Not really, but still cheap.First of all sorry for the bad pictures, I left my camera cable at school and was forced to use my MacBook for pictures. If you really need some good ones I can grab a camera and take some but at how cheap this stuff is you shouldn't care too much. 1st of all is a Fuji Speeder 904HB S flex that is tipped 1". I bought it this summer with the intention of putting it in my rescue but never did. Here's a chance to pick one up for pretty cheap. The grip is a nearly new Multi Compound Blue. Lets say 35 and shipping. 2nd is a Mizuno TP Mills TP 9 putter, I used it very minimally after getting off of here. Don't have a cover for it and the TP Mills grip is nearly new. Again just cheap and something to play around with. Good roll just a little bit too firm feeling for me. 45 and shipping. 3rd is HiBore XL Tour 8.5 head. I got this from a relatively well known gorilla in the golf community and it is a heavy head from usual. If I remember correctly its a 208g head. It sits square to slightly open. But has a good amount of right built into the head, pretty hard to lose left. It has some "roadrash" on the toe where it was dropped on a cart path, not by myself haha, so its priced accordingly. But other than that is in great shape, only small marks on the face and a slight dimple pattern on the back behind the scoop of the head. Disclosing as much as possible so that whomever gets it isn't pissed. Let's go with 80 and shipping. There's a ProLaunch Red S that is tipped about 3/4" of an inch in it now, but I have to reinstall the shaft as the ferrule is cracked, so if you want that lets call it 110 and shipping and your choice of grip. Any questions please PM me. Thanks, Luke
  6. Wait, this seems strangely familiar for some reason? :) :D ;)
  7. $80 tyd or trade for Home Audio stuffHello all, I have a nearly new Mizuno TP Mills putter that I'm not using at all so might as well get something out of it. It's a great putter but it doesnt' quite fit my eye and has a little more "solid" feel than I'm used to. It feels pretty firm on the face, and that's just not my style, but I play a Bettinardi insert so mine is very soft by comparasion. The putter is 35" and has the stock TP Mills cord grip, it's in good shape, absolutely no reason to change it (unless you don't like cord :) ) The putter doesn't really have any nicks so to speak, it has some light brushing on the sole, I couldn't really get it to come out so good on my camera, it's raining today so the pictures are decent at best. Either looking for $80 Paypalled and shipped or for some trades in the Home Audio department, not really sure exactly but if you're around Chicago we can just do it in person and save both of us some time. Also if someone feels like buying the new Burberry summer cologne and shipping that to me the putter's yours. It's like $55 bucks here's a picture. And if you're doing the cologne option, please have it be for MEN, the women's one isn't quite my style ;) Thanks guys. Luke
  8. You don't need to have them regrooved, if anything the grooves will be bigger as they no longer have any chrome in them, and the weight lost is pretty minimal. Nothing that can't be overcome by either a quick slap of lead tape or a couple grams of weight in the hosel. There have been a couple done and the loss has been between 1-3 grams for the process. Just hit them with a shot of gun blue when you're done and you have some sick looking irons. I just wasn't much of a fan of the raw look as I'd thought I'd be they starting getting too orange.
  9. Trade offers responded to. In the interest of answering a couple of questions for the general population. The head doesn't sit as open as in the top picture. The "burn" is just a slight blueing/graying/tarnishing of the paint, somewhat noticeable but not glaring. And lastly, though the last picture kinda sucks there is no serial number on the hosel.
  10. The pics are indeed inverted, they were taken with a MacBook. Better pics will be available tonight but until then these will have to do. Sorry.
  11. PM questions to jakobeesparxI'm listing this for my little brother, jakobeesparx, on here. The only reason for this is because of a time crunch and I have the pics on my computer. The club is in pretty good condition. The grip has no need to be replaced and the shaft is flawless. The head is in 8/10 condition. It has a minor, minor scractching out on the toe of the club. Not noticeable at address, but they are there when looking for them. Sorry for the picture quality, on vacation and using a MacBook. No headcover included. Only trades would be for a R7 Steel 3 wood. Asking $120 shipped and paypalled.
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