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  1. Oh my...nice looking putter you got there. Edel putters have always looked really good to me for some reason.
  2. Is that actually a 6.5 degree driver or did I read that wrong?
  3. I have 3 items tonight that have been laying around my apartment for a while and I know that there are people out there that can put them to better use than collecting dust here. As always, if my prices are way off then please let me know and I will adjust them. Only trade interests would be an mallet putter, and obviously I can add cash if the deal is right. First up is a Taylormade RIP Phenom 55g Stiff Flex Shaft with R1 graphics. This shaft came with my first R1 and then I used it in my SLDR, but I recently upgraded to an Extra Stiff shaft and it is working well for me so I have no use
  4. [quote name='t4t3r' timestamp='1442941935' post='12350728'] I'd be interested in the shaft if you're willing to split. [/quote] I would be interested in the head, let me know how much for the head if you are willing to split.
  5. Would you be willing to split? I would be interested in the head.
  6. Hoping for a quick sale tonight as I am going out of town on Wednesday and will not be able to ship until next week. Trade bait would be a 2 ball putter and a 5 wood with a stiff shaft, I can add cash if necessary. First off is a Vokey SM4 60.04 Black Nickel Wedge in good condition. I wanted to make this work but I could not get it to fit my gaps. My loss is your gain. Wedge Flex shaft and New Decade Grip in Yellow/black. If you need more pictures then please let me know. $50 $40 shipped CONUS Second is a Taylormade (R1) Wrench with a quick start guide. I got this with a dr
  7. Has to be custom or a circle T, great items, wish I had the funds for the bag, would look great in my office but would probably limit the amount of work that I got done.
  8. I currently have both and the AM&E Magnetic ones are the best that I have used. The velcro ones are nice but they just seem like more of a hassle to me than the magnetic ones.
  9. Every time I think that I am happy with my current putter I stumble across one of these threads and begin sketching out the exact DH89 that I want.
  10. Looks like most superstrokes after being used for a little while, man those things take beating.
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