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  1. New Scotty Cameron Triple Black 35” 1200 shipped no trades
  2. Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5.5 Plays at 34 comes with headcover used 9 holes and rolled a few before my round. Sold TBC Masters driver cover New out of box 210 shipped Jacob Hill Cobra belly Size 44. Worn for about 10 rounds. 75 shipped Jacob Hill Mayte Black Caiman size 43 worn maximum of 5 times sold
  3. I forgot what year this was released, but it’s just been sitting in storage. Hasn’t been played but has been in a bin with other covers. only trade would be for a two ball ten slant Otherwise 250 shipped
  4. TBC mallet headcover! Very mint, played with it for a round and it’s been in a bin for the rest of the time. 125 shipped Callaway X forged UT 18 degrees! Don’t play this club enough to keep it in the bag. Really good shape. Callaway Standard loft lie and length. 185 shipped Diamana DF 70TX. Ordered from Titleist and played 43” in my TSI2 3 wood. Sold Tyson Lamb Fore Ewe driver and fairway Headcover. 125 for both or 75 each. Mizuno T20 blue ion 50 degree wedge! 95 shipped!!! +.25 inches Jacob Hill Matte Gator size 43 belt. 100 shipped
  5. Spider Ex flowneck new. Plays at 35 SOLD shipped.. no headcover Jacob Hill Matte Croc size 43 pretty sure I wore this twice!!! 120 shipped Jacob Hill Spitting Cobra 44. 95$ shipped LEN black suede belt 44. 75$ shipped
  6. @bcbrever how long from the march 30th date is what I meant
  7. mine was ordered January 30th
  8. my sim2 is in the being built stage, how long do you guys think it will take to ship?
  9. I don’t understand what happened
  10. Is that Gus? @bambooluv
  11. Prices are shipped. 35$ great condition worn less than 5 times 35$ worn once 35$ great condition 35$ 45$ Scotty Cameron X Peter Millar 45$ Scotty Cameron X Peter Millar 35$ 35$ 35$ Black Quail 35$
  12. Non smoking home. The RLX shorts have been worn less than 5 times each. RLX shorts 20 each. White and stone. Each have a wear mark from my belt. Peter Millar size 42 shorts Sold. each Navy/Black/Grey RLX new without tags shorts. Size 40.. sold each Size 40 Peter millar khaki shorts. 25$
  13. Im the same way, tried the the tsi, g425, sim 2 is next.
  14. To be fair, I didn't even give it a fair shot. Maybe it was the sound that made me feel like I didn't hit it well.
  15. hated the g425, felt like crap and sounded like I was hitting the ball with a tin garbage can.
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