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  1. I will send you tracking info on the weight, once you see that its in route go ahead and send your weight. I think we are going to have to trust each other. Send me your address and I'll get the weight out to you ASAP. My email is [email protected] You will receive FedEx tracking once I ship and then I'll send you the address to ship the weight to.
  2. I just ordered mine through PXG and I am still waiting for it to arrive. What didn't you like? I got mine with the Smoke.
  3. In March this Rangefinder fell off the cart while attached with a Frogger Latch System. A couple of pixels disappeared so I sent it in for service. In April, I needed something to help so I bought a Pro Xe off of here and am very happy with it. Leupold sent me a brand new device (yesterday), even though I would like to put this back in the bag I could use a little cash. $350 and this amazing rangefinder will find it's way to you via FedEx. I will not use USPS ever again as they continue to lose items.
  4. Sent a PM on the 3W head. Custom putter works in Texas does a great job refinishing the putters. Looks like a gamer that just needs a face lift!
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