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  1. I think lead leg action shouldnt require overthinking. If your swing is syncing properly with it, I don't see an issue. When I first learned golf, my instructor was all about the picture perfect angles and motions, which was a rather korean instruction thing. We were all meant to be tiger/Adam scott clones. As I grew up I adapted those fundamentals into something that worked for me, coupled with a more cerebral/feel instructor who was competing in senior us open qualifiers. Knee break and lift in the front foot has always been a part of my sync. Isn't Wolff a young gun with a treme
  2. So I've been in and out of the game for the last 10 years, and just recently started practicing again after a year of big weight loss. At my peak game and distance I was swinging controlled 113-115mph, able to push 123 on monitors for fun, but I was doing no favors for my lower back going that hard and tipping well over 300 pounds. My swing was really an emulation of Vijay and some phil (long deliberate tempo, club slightly past parallel, active legs and a lot of pulling with my lead arm as I'm a lefty playing righty) with natural fade. It helps to be very naturally flexible, but can be proble
  3. I'm gonna get back into the game and experimenting with a spider or spider x is so high on my list. My gamer has been #9 style mid mallets for a long time, and I use a lot of forward press. spider x and the tour black are the only mallets with full-top sightlines that setup up aesthetically well for me. I just don't know if a $150 difference for the extra alignment white paint is worth it, but it does work well for me. I want to love the odyssey 10 but they sit wide open, same with heppler models. SL #9 just felt wrong. The 7s is a close 3rd (SL and TT variants), and th
  4. Korda sitting to stew in anxiety while the other two are fumbling with that holes randomness
  5. I've always loved the big swingers who kept it smooth snead will always be the benchmark for graceful rhythmic swings Vijay always looked like his successor, phil not quite as pretty/more aggressive tempo but similar dynamics. the closest equivalent in the modern era is maybe cameron champ, how he makes 130mph headspeed look that smooth is beyond me.
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