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  1. what you meant was 'don't stop!!!'
  2. he almost did a hospitality tent there. I would have died inside
  3. this is easily the most stressful major ive seen in a long time.
  4. she's got a fast turn through impact, just has that very languid finish tempo to make it look so easy. nearing 160 ball speed is pretty nutty speed considering her height and backswing length.
  5. just easy par this and let the win floodgates open YJS.
  6. glad to see English step up and get it done. That rhythm of his is to die for, almost Ernie like. A Niemann win would have been great too, ah that missed birdie putt on 18 what coulda been.
  7. 1. I did notice today I was getting a little closer to the ball for my pure strikes. I had a pretty natural arm hang style posture even before the weight loss, so just getting accustomed to the posture took 3 days. I was definitely afraid of my stance and the ground the first day. 2. Because my posture before was pretty bent over, not quite keegan, but closer to him than say Jrose, I doubt I'll need to go under. I'm 6'2" with longish arms and was fitted standard length, though its something ill definitely get checked on once I've grooved my game in a few weeks. 3. I don
  8. I think lead leg action shouldnt require overthinking. If your swing is syncing properly with it, I don't see an issue. When I first learned golf, my instructor was all about the picture perfect angles and motions, which was a rather korean instruction thing. We were all meant to be tiger/Adam scott clones. As I grew up I adapted those fundamentals into something that worked for me, coupled with a more cerebral/feel instructor who was competing in senior us open qualifiers. Knee break and lift in the front foot has always been a part of my sync. Isn't Wolff a young gun with a treme
  9. So I've been in and out of the game for the last 10 years, and just recently started practicing again after a year of big weight loss. At my peak game and distance I was swinging controlled 113-115mph, able to push 123 on monitors for fun, but I was doing no favors for my lower back going that hard and tipping well over 300 pounds. My swing was really an emulation of Vijay and some phil (long deliberate tempo, club slightly past parallel, active legs and a lot of pulling with my lead arm as I'm a lefty playing righty) with natural fade. It helps to be very naturally flexible, but can be proble
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