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  1. lol at the spieth hate...good to know there are so many people on here who know nothing about golf.
  2. I too was rooting for Watson and Nicklaus. Still cant believe Watson only won 2 masters. Guy was right there so many times!! my heart broke for him in 91. he was on 12 within 1 then dunks one in the water makes double then eagles 13 & 15 to tie for the lead and then doubles 18 to miss the playoff with woosnam!! his ups and downs were of a phil caliber
  3. Kite also three putted 16!! he and Seve literally had one arm in the green jacket... If kite didnt win that US open in 92 hed probably still have nightmares about that back 9 in 86
  4. Ill never understand to this day why norman decided to try and finesse a 4 iron instead of hitting a hard 5. He was hitting everything hard the whole back 9 and then suddenly he decides to take some off. He hit the shot of the tournament on 14 from the trees he played an insane bump and run from like 165 yards to 10 feet. I remember sandy lyles face when he shook Jacks hand on 18. He was smiling like a young fan like he couldnt believe what he just witnessed jack do on the back 9. great drama
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oROIjEJjgRoNicklaus Watson at pebble was pretty epic too. these guys were hitting lazer 2 irons into some of the par 4s and stiffing them. great views
  6. Hogan Snead match is must see. Hogan didnt miss a green
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