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  1. All prices PayPal, shipped CONUS included New The Buck Club Driver - $70 Excellent condition Seamus tweed fairway - $60 ea or $100 for both New Custom Kobe Mid Mallet from Golf Iconic w magnet - $OLD
  2. Looking for non-OEM fairway wood head covers. i.e. Scotty Cameron, Swag Golf, Seamus, Dormie Workshop, The Buck Club, etc...
  3. I’m sure with COVID they are operating with less staff. I ordered pre COVID and there’d time was 6-8 weeks
  4. I have been searching for a good mid mallet for the last year... aside from Scotty Cameron head covers - nothing appealed to me. I ended up order a custom mid mallet cover from Golf Iconic
  5. I have the Bushnell XE that has a magnet and almost lost it one time a couple months back, luckily it was still on the cart I used when I went back to get it.... but then just lost it after my last round when I forgot it again....
  6. All 12 balls in the dozen have Tiger stamp and all numbered 1. Only difference..
  7. While it wasn't the AD DI exactly, i had a 9* Sim Max with a AD IZ shaft. Found it to launch too high and didn't get enough roll. Switched it out with the Ventus Blue w/ VeloCore and that has been performing quite nicely for me. Ideal launch and spin and plenty of roll with good dispersion.
  8. Swag Boston Tee Party Headcover - New in sealed package $150 shipped CONUS
  9. Ventus Blue VeloCore 6S w/ Titleist tip - 44" plays to 45" --- $220 shipped CONUS New TBC Hat --- $OLD New Swag Blanka HC --- $200 shipped CONUS
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